10 games I'm looking forward to the most in 2012

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  • Bioshock is one of my favourite games; I'm glad to see an actual Ken Levine 'sequel' to the original. Hopefully the story will throw a few curve balls; at the moment, I'm sensing that the game will take some familiar turns.

  • Looks like Portal 1, but with more fluffiness :D I'm actually really excited to see another Kim Swift puzzle game.

  • I really loved Far Cry 2; hopefully this takes what was great about 2 and work on ironing out some of its issues.

  • I was never really expecting a sequel to the original, but sure, I'm not complaining; I could always do with some more Borderlands...

  • If Dead Space was a point and click adventure...

  • Looks adorable; hopefully it will be as good, if not, better than Machinarium.

  • Hopefully this will end up as another well designed/clever/thought provoking puzzler, just like Braid was. I can't wait to check it out.

  • The Layton series is great, but things are definitely getting stagnant; hopefully Layton on the 3DS will revitalise the series a bit.

  • Even though it will be vastly different from the original, it still seems like it has the potential to be a great non-linear shooter.

  • I've never really cared about any of the Tomb Raider games, but this fresh start seems like it holds a lot of promise.