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10 games I'm looking forward to the most in 2020

2019 report card

Out of the ten games I was looking forward to this year, only four came out - Ion Fury (which was still called Ion Maiden this time last year), Phoenix Point, Wargroove, and Outer Worlds.

I didn't get around to Phoenix point, but Outer Worlds and Ion Fury both made their way into my 2019 GOTY list. Wargroove was good, but just not quite top ten material.

List items

  • I don't have much to say about this; I just want it to finally come out, so I can do some more tearing - and perchance, ripping.

  • I've really started getting back into playing Spelunky recently. I wasn't hugely excited about the sequel when it was announced, but now I'm READY.

  • I am so hyped to see what's contained in this thing. I love the palette, and all the screenshots I've seen so far look fantastic.

  • I guess this weird thing is still coming out? I hope it is, because I want to explore this surreal, fleshy world.

  • Beneath a Steel Sky is one of my all-time favourite adventure games, so I feel I have to check this out. I'm not 100% sold on its visuals, but I'm super intrigued to see what they do with this.

  • I really got into the first Xenonauts; it felt like a great modern take on the original X-Com formula. The beta/demo/whatever thing I played ages ago seemed pretty promising.

  • Another *nauts 2 game. The footage I've seen has the amount of wackiness I expect from Psychonauts, so that's good. But I don't exactly have high hopes that the gameplay will be any better than the original.

  • Far less whimsy and charm than you'd usually find in an Amanita game (and also, far less pointing and clicking), but it still manages to retain that distinct Amanita vibe. I'm pretty eager to see how this pans out.

  • The weird Picross/adventure mash-up I never knew I wanted...

  • I watched the movie a couple of years back, it's fun in a quirky 80s fantasy way, but I haven't watched the Netflix series (and I don't plan to). So, yeah, I can't exactly say I'm a huge fan of the franchise, but I like me some tactics and this seems fun.