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10 games I'm looking forward to the most in 2022

2021 Report Card

I played four of the games I was looking forward to the most from last year. Three of which made it into this year's top ten list. SkateBird also came out this year, but I just decided to give it a miss, given the tepid reception it ended up getting.

The other five games I was looking forward to didn't end up coming out this year.

Also, I'm shelving UFO 50 and Xenonauts 2 for this year's list. If they come out, they come out, but it's getting silly having them on every "looking forward to" list I've made over the last however-many years.

Scorn is staying on this list though...for now...

List items

  • Okay, this is the actual last time I'm putting this on one of my "games I'm looking forward to", this better actually come out in October, as promised. 👀

  • The original System Shock is fantastic, especially when you consider it came out in 1994. Hopefully they can do that game justice with a modern re-imagining.

    I'm not exactly convinced they can, but I'm open to being pleasantly surprised.

  • I'm definitely down for another one of these. And thankfully, it's a different protagonist this time...

  • Does, um, this count as an upcoming game? Because, it's currently in Early Access, and I've won, like, 20-something times already.

    Well, I'm putting it on this list anyway.

    I'm genuinely interested to see what this game will be like once it hits version 1.0 and the first official season starts.

  • I don't really know what direction they plan on taking this game. The first Plague Tale didn't exactly feel like it needed a follow-up game. But I'm definitely interested in checking this out.

  • This looks really adorable. I like cyberpunk stuff, I like cats. Not sure what else there is to say.

  • I always love it when game franchises unexpectedly get turn-based tactics spin-offs. I was so excited when this got announced.

    I never played that much of the Metal Slug games, but I always admired them from afar - mainly because of the cool pixel art.

  • I'm definitely down for a tactics game with the aesthetics of Dicey Dungeon.

  • You got your Sokobond in my Cosmic Express! You got your Cosmic Express on my Sokobond!

  • This looks awesome, but I'm gonna give it, like, a 40% chance of coming out in 2022.