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GOTY 2022

It's the end of the year; time to mention some games from the last twelve months that I enjoyed.

To start off with, some honorable mentions:

  • Forgive Me Father - A pretty enjoyable comic book-esque, Lovecraftian 2.5D shooter
  • Fashion Police Squad - Another good 2.5D shooter with some fun ideas (and some other not-so-fun ideas)
  • Linelith - A fun little puzzle game that you'll likely finish within an hour; it's brief, but it's absolutely worth checking out.
  • Patrick's Parabox - Another puzzle game from the eponymous Patrick Traynor. A fun and trippy puzzle game.
  • Babble Royale - this didn't end up coming out of Early Access this year...maybe (probably?) it never will. It seems to be super dead at this point. But for one beautiful ephemeral moment I had an absolutely wonderful time playing this.

List items

  • Pretty much exactly what you'd want and hope for from a Monkey Island game in 2022. It hits all the right nostalgia notes, but still manages to feel fresh.

    It's fun, funny, clever, and well-designed. And, yeah, I know it's not to everyone's taste, but I even loved the new art style.

    Also, for the record, this is my ranking of Monkey Island games:

    6. Escape from Monkey Island (the 4th game)

    5. Tales of Monkey Island (the 5th game)

    4. Secret of Monkey Island (the 1st game)

    3. Curse of Monkey Island (the 3rd game)

    2. Monkey Island 2

    1. Return to Monkey Island (the 6th game)

    Yep, that's right, I'd consider Return to Monkey Island to be the best of the bunch.

  • Not just a cute cat game. Well, there is that, too, of course.

    I mean, honestly, I probably wouldn't have even given this the time of day if the protagonist was a dog. But, whatever...the point is I love this game - even if the action sequences can get a bit annoying.

    Also, I'd consider my favourite video game moment of this year to just be hangin' out with my cat buddies at the very start of this game :3

  • Sure, it's a little janky sometimes and the graphics can look pretty rough, but I had such a BLAST playing this. It kinda took over my life for a several weeks.

  • Maybe not Kotaro Uchikoshi's finest work, but I still ended up having a great time playing it; I got super invested in unraveling the ludicrous mysteries of alternate universe Tokyo (again).

  • One of those games I kept putting off finishing - not because it was bad - but because I just didn't want it to end. This game is honestly just so joyous and fun to play.

    Probably my favourite 'giant environment' game.

  • When it's good, it's extraordinary. It has a real grotesque, oppressive atmosphere like no other game I've played. Just existing in its world is a delectable nightmare.

    It's just a shame about the terrible boss fight.

  • Imagine the Witness...but in 2D...and with far less annoying shit.

  • First off, I want to say that Charlotte McBurney does a fantastic job of voicing Amicia.

    I really enjoyed my time revisiting rat-infested France; it's an enthralling and emotional journey, despite most of the story beats feeling completely ridiculous (even more so than the first game).

  • A wonderfully surreal first-person game filled with mind-bending puzzles and some awe-inspiring fractal architecture.

  • It's the same ol' Stanley Parable that you know & love, but it's also a sequel, or maybe it's a completely new game...except it's not...or is it??

    Who can say, really?

    Whatever it is, it greatly expands on the Stanley Ludomatic Universe. It's filled both with excellent comedy writing and some thought-provoking philosophical musings.

    I'd say it's definitely worth playing, even if you've already played the previous Stanley Parable iterations - /especially/ if you've already played the previous Stanley Parable iterations.