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Best of 2019

List finalized!

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  • Number one with a bullet. No game will usurp this for 2019. One of the best (puzzle) games I have ever played, hands down. Endlessly smart, clever, weird, and challenging.

  • Looking forward to what Asobo studio does next. They created a really interesting world to tell a compelling tale in, and I loved it.

  • The Yakuza-style storytelling, but with completely new characters is very much my jam. This game really grabbed me, I think the story is excellent, and like Yagami a lot as a character. I wish they had learned harder into the investigative aspects, maybe a sequel will have more of that.

  • Don't know what to say besides this is pretty much a perfect remake of this game. Melds old and new in a fantastic way. Did both A & B runs and had a fantastic time.

  • Everyone has already said how good this is, better than I ever could have.

  • The imagery in this game will be forever burned into my brain. It is haunting and disturbing, but not in the traditional way you would think; it sort of morphs religion into more traditional horror. The game itself looks great, plays well, and is challenging but not unfair.

  • Man, this game grabs you early and does not let go. It is thrilling, weird, fun, and just a great time all around. I almost passed on this game after reading how poorly the PS4 version ran, ended up playing it post-patch and it ran pretty well overall. Really glad I experienced this game, it was fantastic and I can see why it was so talked about.

  • I was wholly addicted to this game for like a month straight. The original game was in my top 10 back in 2016, and this makes quality of life improvements on that across the board, even changing the game's overall structure to address the complaint most people had about not wanting to completely start over every chapter.

  • It's not a novel concept, but everything about this 2D Contra-esque shooter is executed perfectly. Great art style, kickass music, great level design, tons of different weapons, cool boss fights. Probably also helps that this is 1000x better than the actual Contra game that came out this year.

  • This is a late-comer to my list - the game came out a while ago, but I was holding out for a physical copy, so I just got the game in my hands a few weeks ago. I have been playing this non-stop since then, everything about it is perfectly tuned in terms of deck-building synergies, and most of the boss encounters force you to think smartly about your strategies. The writing is funny, the characters are endearing, I just think this game is super great.

  • This might be the most "pure" game I have ever played. The objective is simple, but the strategy of arranging all the inventory in your warehouse is never explicitly mentioned in any way in game, it just sort of organically happens as you try to meet the simple goal of "deliver objects in a very short amount of time", but it is a huge part of the game. This game tickled the organizational part of my brain in a big way, and somehow is very zen and stressful at the same time.

  • Enjoyed this game, don't know if it will make top ten, just because it hews so close to the games it is borrowing from.

  • Don't think this will make top 10, but really loved this short little experience. It tells a good story while also encouraging exploration. I loved the aesthetic, the graphics remind me of 3D polygon games on the Nintendo DS.

  • This game got its hooks in me hard for quite a while. I still boot it up from time to time to try and finish some of the episodes I have trouble with initially. All the characters play super differently, and I seem to have a new favorite every so often.