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Games I Finished in 2015


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  • Short, but a fun sandbox to play around in.

  • Not bad for a free add-on through Playstation Plus. I don't know if it was necessarily as fun only having one set of powers, but the neon effects still all look amazing. Fetch was a good character to pick to get more backstory on. But in terms of Infamous expansions, I still think Festival of Blood was more unique and interesting.

  • Well worth the $20 off the eShop. It was a little weird with Shantae not having her genie powers, but they use a different set of items to still offer up a fun set of worlds to explore and backtrack through. Great platformer with a good art style and very enjoyable music. Took me about 9 hours to 100% the game, highly recommended.

  • A little short (and a bummer that the bosses were reused a bunch), but I still had a good time with this game. Looks and sounds great, and the difficulty of the puzzles felt right. I had no qualms with replaying levels for bonus objectives since they were so bite-sized. Recommended!

  • I really really liked the mechanics and art style of this game. I just wish there was more of it! It was a little on the short side, that's my only complaint :(

  • Picked this up on sale and had fun with it. The difficulty spikes in a few spots, and the ball physics are a little weird (but you are given some maneuverability with excessive tilting power), but it is a unique enough game idea that it is still worth playing.

  • I wish I would have played this game when it came out last year, because it definitely would have made my top 10 list. Great art, soundtrack, and an intriguing story, plus the dynamic narration returns from Bastion. The gameplay is surprisingly deep and strategic; I found a lot of pleasure in trying out all the different function combinations that were possible, it really changes your playstyle.

  • Cool little mobile game with an amazing art style. I wish the puzzles were a bit harder though.

  • Hell of a long visual novel, but worth it. I enjoyed the story quite a bit, and some of the twists and turns and mysteries were pretty crazy.

  • What a hot piece of garbage. Truly terrible console releases seem to be a rarity these days, and I had to see this for myself. It was at least reasonably fun to witness this trainwreck and get an easy platinum trophy on the side.

  • Beat this with the fiancee in a few sittings and had a good time! Heck of a fun co-op game.

  • Finally polished off the story mode in this game; there's always too many distractions in these open-world Ubisoft games (luckily here they are fairly fun). Very similar to Far Cry 3, but still had a great time playing it.

  • They should let Game Freak do more side projects like this that aren't Pokemon games (see: Pulseman, Drill Dozer). HarmoKnight is a clever little combination of platformer and rhythm game that is just the right amount of challenging (the last boss is no joke, though). They continue to add new mechanics and characters as the game goes along to make it fresh throughout the duration. The aesthetics and art are pleasing, and the music is fun too.

  • I ended up liking this game a ton! Gameplay is a little thin (typical adventure game puzzles, but streamlined, creative, and not frustrating), but the writing is extremely funny, voiceover is great, and I love the art style. Feels like a classic Tim Schafer game made in the current day!

  • This was a fun little PS+ freebie on the Vita. The story is basically non-existent and the art style is sorta generic, but the main mechanic of shooting a giant gun and using the recoil over and over to perform what becomes some very tricky platforming is extremely unique. They introduce new environmental mechanics (bounce pads, portals) as the game goes on to supplement the main one, and it kept me engaged enough to finish the game.

  • For a score-focused game, it's a little weird to call it "beaten", but I've finished all the levels enough times and played enough that I feel okay about listing it here. I went back to this recently because the devs added a bunch of free updates (challenges, feats, persistent leveling) and it got me hooked again. Thinking about buying the 2 mini-expansions they put out as well...

  • I ended up liking this a lot more than expected. Tonally, it was a little offputting at first, but the writing manages to make the goofy, crass stuff actually work. The combat is really fun, which is what made the game super enjoyable for me. The swordplay combined with cool weapons makes for frantic, fun battles - which is good, because there's a LOT of combat, and it's not the shortest game out there.

  • Cool sequel to the original. Lots of more interesting level designs and scenarios, all with the same cool art style and music.

  • I've skipped the last couple of these games, but after hearing the campaign in this one was enjoyable, I decided to check it out. And it is! All the future gadgets you get plus a sense of mobility makes for a dumb, fun campaign. Plus digital Kevin Spacey!

  • More Trials is okay in my book. I don't really care for the FMX tricks stuff, but luckily it can be ignored 90% of the time.

  • I appreciate all the effort put into this remake; I only played some of the original PS1 game, but I could tell this was a complete overhaul. Some of the movement feels a little deliberately stilted (like Flashback / Out of This World), but it still plays well. A bit challenging, but the new quicksave feature is nice and helps alleviate some of that.

  • Short but very enjoyable experience. Basically a Metroid-styled game on speed, where you get upgrades in fast and furious succession. 3D looks great on the 3DS as well! My only complaint (besides wishing it was longer) would be the one recycled boss.

  • Pretty neat co-op game / educational documentary, if not a bit short.

  • Great little 3DS download game, super enjoyed it. A little easy for most of the game, but the bonus worlds are wicked hard (which is a good thing).

  • Really cool, very atmospheric game. Only one obtuse puzzle that tripped me up. I loved the voiceover work and story in the game, very intriguing. I hope the planned follow-up game(s) get made and continue the story started here.

  • This actually might be my favorite game of 2015 so far. Playing this in 2-player co-op was one of the most engaging, fun, and frustrating (in a good way!) experiences I've had with a game in a while.

  • Great game, loved it to pieces. Lots of super interesting upgrades, weapons, weird secrets, and story beats. My only complaint might be that some of the sounds are a little grating and mixed poorly. The sound design is one instance where trying to be so retro / use a certain style might have backfired.

  • A poor man's Pikmin that was fun for a little while but quickly turns into repetitiveness and frustration.

  • Cool little roguelike to play on my phone. Pretty hard initially, but once you figure out the nuances (fuel is king, certain upgrades are essential), it's not too hard to beat.

  • Fantastic 2 player local co-op.

  • A little janky, and the gameplay doesn't change too much over the course of the game. Pretty average puzzle game.

  • Really clever and unique 2D puzzle game.

  • One of my favorite games this year. Very unique mechanics, great art style and music. Single-player and multi-player modes are very different from each other but fun in their own right. I almost never play games online anymore, but Splatoon makes it fun and frantic (even when you lose!). Looking forward to the rest of the free planned updates to the game.

  • Very similar to 10000000, and just as addicting. The slightly gameplay tweaks were smart and the difficulty curve in this game seems better. I remember hitting a lot of walls in 10000000 where I had to grind runs for gold, never really ran into that here.

  • 60 hours well spent! Now I just need to finish Bloodborne and I will have beaten every 'Souls' game except for the original Dark Souls.

  • Super duper bizarre game, but I thought it used the Vita capabilities pretty well. At times near the end of the game, it felt like a dexerity puzzle, having to touch multiple things at once to keep from dying. Very short, so didn't outstay its welcome.

  • There's a good idea at the core of this game that is marred by a lot of strange design decisions (not being able to preview the map/stage, etc.) - at least they patched in being able to speed up turns. I did eventually finish the game, but I had to force myself to slog through the last few chapters. It's a fairly difficult game, and sometimes feels unfair - and when you have to restart from a save, you can lose more time than you might prefer.

  • Really cool idea for a game. Still haven't managed to complete the trip in 80 days (83 is my personal best...if only I would have had more money at the end!)

  • Definitely more Borderlands. I thought the oxygen mechanic was more of an annoyance than anything, and the bosses were a bit too difficult.

  • There's no real reason for this to be on the Wii U instead of the 3DS, but I still enjoyed playing through it.

  • You know how when you use a cloning machine on something, it degrades it a bit for the worse? This game is like someone cloned Yoshi's Island a dozen times or so. It feels like a poor facsimile of a great game.

  • Not bad for a Diablo knockoff on a handheld. Only a few hours long, so it doesn't overstay its welcome before getting too repetitive.

  • Very interesting little murder mystery game...FMV is back! (?)

  • A++++++, 5 stars, would play for the rest of my life. The most fun, joy, frustration, and pure chaos I have had playing a game. It's been a blast playing this with my wife against folks online.

  • One of the goofiest games I've played in quite a while. Between this, Her Story, and Contradiction, it seems like it has been an FMV Renaissance!

  • I thought I wouldn't be that into a 4th Batman game, but I had a ton of fun with this game! The Batmobile seemed very divisive, but I am on the side of the fence that loved it. Game is gorgeous, gameplay solid, and it stayed interesting throughout the 23 hours it took me to finish the story.

  • Very pretty but overall rote third-person shooter. I understand it is supposed to be a "cinematic" game, but multiple chapters were just 5-15 minutes of cut scenes (so not the most exciting or interactive thing on the planet). At least I got it for cheap and it didn't take too much time to finish. It might be forgiven if the story was interesting (the setup was, execution and conclusion not so much), but alas.

  • Another cool game in the "go" series. I love the art style and the puzzle gameplay was solid as well (if not a bit too easy for most of the game). I just wish it had been longer, and there had been more replayability like Hitman Go with its multiple objectives.

  • Improves on OlliOlli 1 in every way, except for the final set of levels being a bit too difficult for my taste.

  • Another fun Wolfenstein campaign from Machine Games. Priced just right for the 8 hours or so I spent with it. I wish there had been as much character development / more of a story like in New Order, but the gameplay was still a ton of fun.

  • What a goofy, fun little world to explore.

  • Played through the "Apocalypse" edition on PS4 w/my wife. Game is pretty darn tough, even on Normal difficulty w/2 people. Very moody, good lighting and tension.

  • Not really a game you can "beat", per se, but I have put a ton of time into making and playing levels. What a fantastic thing that I can't believe even exists. It is very rare for a creation-focused game to hook me and get me to contribute in that way, but Super Mario Maker has more than managed (4 published levels so far!).

  • Not bad for a short little, very Portal-esque feeling game.

  • Finally got around to playing this, and really enjoyed it. A tough but beatable (and very tense) experience.

  • This "game" is basically a LOT of reading with minimal interaction, but it tells a great time travel story with interesting characters. Still working on that true ending...

  • It's more Killzone, but I had a decent enough time playing this. The OWL robot buddy you get was probably the most interesting gameplay addition.

  • I had played the Wii remake of this, but never the original, so I went and rectified that using the power of my Vita. The platforming and mechanics still hold up pretty well for an almost two decades old game; it seems like the forefather of all those "2.5D" games that were advertised shortly thereafter.

  • In spite of the lack of story, the gameplay in this is just SO dynamic and interesting, and I can't see anything else topping it as my GOTY. I often get burnt out on longer games, but this held my attention from start to finish, and I still want to play more.

  • This is a cute little physics-y platformer that I liked well enough. Not bad for a free PS+ game.

  • This ended up being even better than I had hoped. The environments are a little repetitive, but the gameplay is smooth as silk, fast-paced, and completely engaging (typical Platinum Games!).

  • This is an adorable as heck game that I had a great time playing co-op with my wife. And even better, it's the best attempt at a platformer starring Yoshi that Nintendo has put out since the original Yoshi's Island.

  • This was a super fun experience, and a great Halloween game that was fun and campy. Scared the heck out of my wife, which made it extra fun :)

  • Cute, if a bit easy, DS platformer.

  • What a wonderful point-and-click adventure game. Great characters, writing, story, setting...I loved it all! Thanks for making this happen, Kickstarter!

  • Ended up enjoying this way more than I thought I would for a Musou-styled game. For some reason, Omega Force seems better at making spinoffs with other properties (see: Hyrule Warriors, Gundam) than their own mainline Dynasty/Samurai Warriors games.

    I really appreciate that Heroes has the structure of a mainline DQ game (vendors, side-quests, saving at the church, leveling up with skill points, etc.) but with the turn-based combat swapped with Musou gameplay, rather than feeling like a palette-swapped Dynasty Warriors game. Additionally, it has a light tower defense component on some missions where you are defending something and the summoning of monsters becomes even more important. All those trappings have really elevated the game for me.

    Story is cliche, but the art direction, music, sound effects, etc. are all great. I also like that the roster of characters is small but quite diverse (rather than having 50 characters that are only marginally different).

  • So many P4 spinoffs! This is better than it has any right to be.

  • One of the best puzzle games I have played in a long time that also has a very interesting premise and well-executed story.

  • Was an okay time waster.

  • Fuck, this game is ridiculously hard (but enjoyable). Awesome soundtrack too!

  • Welp, that's certainly one of the stranger games I've ever played. Fire is dangerous, kids!

  • This was okay, I guess. Raid Mode is more fun than it should be.

  • I've played a lot of this so far, it's great. Love me some Picross! I wish the free-to-play hooks weren't there, but I'll take what I can get.

  • Gets a bit repetitive, but it's easy to make your own fun doing dumb stuff. I had a good 20 hours or so of enjoyment playing in this explosive sandbox.

  • Best adventure game I've played in a while...the relationship between the two female leads is very well done.