The Bold and the Bearded

A tribute to those with beards in video games!

List items

  • Perhaps it was not there in his adventuring days, but Mr. Hamilton grew a mighty beard as he aged.

  • He will punch your beard off your face.

  • If you are going to have one beard with you during the zombie apocalypse, you want Bill attached to it.

  • Bill could take this guy, but the fact remains, Bitores has the bigger beard.

  • This is the beard of baseball.

  • A wise Kong is a bearded Kong.

  • Legend is that Crazy Dave gets his power from the beard (and the pot on the head doesn't hurt).

  • To get a beard like this, you have to live through the ritual.

  • Hey, the game may have not been too hot, but those beards sure as hell are.

  • Be his name Error or Errol, the beard remains; Link was always jealous of that beard.