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I think people were hoping that either Blizzard would do one or more of the following:

  • Announce continuing support for Diablo 3 in a meaningful way
  • Announce port(s) or remake(s) of Diablo 1 / 2
  • Announce something hopeful about Diablo 4

What we ended up getting was none of the above.

  • The Diablo 1 time limited gimmick dungeon is nothing. The Necro class (with no new content) coming in late 2017 (at best...) is nothing. Diablo 3 is dead.
  • All hope of D1/2 ports or remakes is dead
  • Diablo 4 is nowhere in sight (the unborn count as dead)

TL:DR - Diablo is a dead series

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I've been watching streams of the game, and I feel like the whole premise is based around a huge design flaw. Can anyone confirm if my thinking is correct, or point out where I have gone wrong?

From what I have seen, you get to name planets and life as you find them. This is one of the big points of the game - exploration and discovery. But as far as I can tell, when you pull up menus, you can only view the planets and items that you have discovered. There is no in-game "wikipedia" of all players discoveries. Right?

The universe of the game is huge, and the chance of two players crossing paths is supposed to be super rare. We have already seen at least one pair of players cross paths, but that is beside the point.

If "most players" will never cross paths with another player, then that means they will never see any planet or creature discovered by another player, and no one will see anything they found, either. If this is the case, then what is the point of uploading your discoveries at all?

On the other hand, if the expectation is that half - or even a quarter - of players would come across a planet that had been discovered and named by another player, then it would be VERY likely that those players would be able to "meet up" since they can follow the bread-crumb trail of discovered planets.

Basically, the entire premise of the game seems to be at odds with itself. Did Hello Games just not think this through?

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@rafaelfc: This is how I am feeling too.

I wasn't super hyped for the game, but I was hoping it would turn out great, and still kind of want to buy it. But in Canada the price is way too high. I ended up buying Subnautica on steam for a third of the price. Not exactly the same, but a neat game in its own right.

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Downloaded it, played less than one round, uninstalled.

This game seems like DooM in name only. Might as well just play the new UT - it's free.

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So, I just beat it on PC, and apparently the final autosave it did was past the "point of no return" so the closest save to the ending is 100 puzzles back. Did this happen for anyone else?

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They seem to be all gone.

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@bezerker85: The "I...we...have an alibi" makes sense to me, if you understand it as:

We knew that I, Eve the twin, had an alibi, and since people only know me as Hannah, we both have it.

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@catlicker:Well, I'm no doctor but I assume it is possible she could have gotten the STD earlier in the pregnancy, and it didn't trigger the miscarriage until later.Actually, since Eve is still "sick in the attic" when her parents die, and that happened after the miscarriage, I wonder how the timing is supposed to work out there? Maybe Eve was lying about still being sick to give her an alibi for her parents murder?

@eccentrix: If she is a twin and her backstory is basically true, then she was raised until 8 basically in isolation, while watching her happy twin out the window and reading fairy tales. That gives her a real motivation to be a bit crazy, want to cling to family and particularly to Hannah.

If she is a split personality, then she is an evil personality that is obsessed with Hannah and staying with her (but she can't be separated from her?) 'just because.'

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There are a lot of things I wasn't able to cover in my post. It does seem likely to me that Eve killed Florence (midwife) and her bio-parents. Eve is pretty clearly the "evil twin" even though it appears Hannah was the one to commit the murder.

If we assume instead that they are a split personality, the game becomes a LOT weirder and less coherent, because that means:

  • Most of Eve's backstory is a total fabrication, so her motivations for wanting to be with Hannah / wanting a real family disappear. It makes her fake / less of a character.
  • Hannah and Eve became aware of each other somehow as a child, without the aid of other people, even though personalities don't share memories.
  • Their stories about doing things "together" are delusions since they can't both be awake at the same time.
  • They don't seem to realize they are in the same body, but Eve is able to fake the tattoo and lie about how long she has had it, which only hurts her credibility with the police.
  • Hannah's parents never noticed her condition, or didn't care.
  • The police don't seem to ever ask about past or current mental health in any way. (They do ask about twins.)
  • The two personalities were not only aware of each other, but they masquerade as each other. (Talk about a snake eating its own tail.)
  • Eve technically was pregnant at the same time as Hannah, but for some reason she saw herself as skinny when Hannah was showing.
  • If Eve really did sleep around trying to "also" get pregnant to match, and got an STD, it may have caused Hannah's miscarriage. (This one is actually interesting.)
  • For some reason, Eve couldn't live with Hannah and Simon at the Smith residence with his parents. Yet she was still able to surface long enough to poison her own parents so the house would be free for Hannah and Simon to move to, so that she could gain control again? (Doesn't make any sense to me. If she could poison her parents, then she didn't need them to move.)
  • The story Eve tells about getting caught going to the bathroom by her mom, and Hannah coming out dressed seconds later, is just a lie.
  • Simon apparently realized his wife had two personalities, but roleplayed as if they were different people, and told the "new" one he wanted to leave the old one for her.
  • The alibi Eve came up with is a total delusion and her evil plan was actually super terrible and lead directly to getting caught.

Honestly, both the twin theory and the split personality theory are far fetched. They are a "cheap" twist for a murder mystery in general, but I am OK with how this game uses the ideas to keep us digging in to the characters.

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@l4wd0g:What I meant there is, if they are NOT twins, but one person, it wouldn't make sense for Simon to want to "leave" one for the other. I agree that it DOES make sense for him to want to leave Hannah, for her twin Eve.

@imsh_pl: Well, she was not under arrest at that time, since they didn't actually commit a crime. She just says that she got picked up at the station, not that she was "bailed out" or similar. She was only in trouble with her parents, not the law, so I think there is room for Eve to just walk away, or go to the bathroom for five minutes while Hannah sits in the lobby (or on the curb) waiting to get picked up.

There are definitely things that point to the Split Personality theory but I don't think they are as strong as the evidence for twins. As I say in the post, I think it is just vague enough that there is no definitive answer. Maybe I should make another post arguing against twins just to see where it goes.