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2010 purchases

this is more of a "games i got this year" list, rather than "games i purchased" 

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  • PS3. it was sort of an impulse purchase. i played it a lot at a friend's house and one day.. I just wanted it. it's a great fighting game!

  • PS3. i didn't actually buy this, as someone from GB sent this to me by eroticfishcake(thank you!!). fantastic game, but it's very difficult for some reason.. i'm stuck at some part.

  • PS3. PsOne classic off the Playstation store. Nemesis is a great game and i didn't even know they released it on the PSN store until a couple weeks ago..

  • 360. bought it after waiting roughly five years. i'm having an absolute blast with this game and it's well worth the long, long wait.

  • 360. i bought this on the day that Pokemon SoulSilver came out. it was sold out EVERYWHERE and fallout 3 was only 30$. i said "why not?". pokemon will have to wait!

  • DS. soulsilver. there's no reason why i wouldn't buy this game. i spent too much time playing yellow, blue and silver on the gameboy color. this is why nintendo is my favorite game company!

  • PC. a game i've waited too long to play. kind of excited for it.

  • PS3. brother's purchase. i have yet to try it.

  • PS3. brother's purchase. absolutely insane so far. Naughty Dog have done a fantastic job once again.

  • XBOX originals version. it was an impulse purchase because me and my brother wanted to play the 2 player mode so we just went ahead and dropped 15$ on the Xbox original version. another reason for me to play through the game again, i suppose. since I bought this I now own GTA San Andreas legally on all systems it was released on. i love this game :D

  • 360.

  • 360. DUDE. this game is so good. i had to buy it again. plus it was 20$

  • 360. no explanation needed. best 80 MSP i will ever spend.

  • DS. bought it for a trip and it ended up being 100x times better than i thought it would be. Pepsiman kind of sold me it in her blog >.>

  • Xbox. for my birthday.. i can finally play this again ^^

  • Xbox. for my birthday as well. this is supposedly the definite version of my favorite DOA game so i'm excited :D

  • XBLA. had some left over MS points from buying SSFIV costumes so i bought one of my favorites. great port since it comes with co-op so it should be fun ^^

  • 360. no comment. it was 20$, it's a supposedly bad game, it's horror and aurahack said it's good. no reason to pass it up.

  • XBLA. a great game that i got with MS points that i got for my birthday. it's a fine port, with a great respawning feature. one of my favorite games is now mine... again.

  • XBLA. couldn't help but buy it after the amazing 007 Goldeneye.

  • 360. i bought it (AGAIN! i own it for PS3) mostly to play with friends online, but it's still a pretty amazing game. Saints Row 2 might have more things to do, but GTA IV has heart and i love it.

  • DS. i love Ninja Gaiden to death. i was lucky to find it used for 15$ and i could not pass it up.

  • 360. it was 15$ and i wanted to try it for a very long time. i finally tried it and it's pretty damn neat.

  • XBLA. effin. amazing. that is all.

  • PS3. my brother bought it for his birthday. not really digging it so far but i suppose it'll kick in at some point.

  • PC. gifted by awesome GB user Ossi. thank you so much. i love this game :)

  • PS3. amazing soundtrack. that is all.

  • PS3. my brother bought it. i haven't tried it yet, but i can't say i'm very excited about it.

  • PC. gifted by awesome GB user Ossi again. i seriously cannot thank him enough for this.

  • 360. it was on sale for 5$ and i love Mega Man so.. no brainer :D

  • PS2. catching up on my backlog of PS2 games i need to play. bought this along with Yakuza 2!

  • PS2. see above

  • PS3. impulse purchase. so much stupid fun.

  • PS3. brother's purchase. OH GOD!

  • 360. oh god, what have i done? EDF! EDF! EDF!

  • DS. i was interested a bit before it's release and decided to pick it up. a pretty fun and charming game!

  • 360. OH FUCK YES

  • 360. i had left over MS points from Super Meat Boy and purchased this.. really fun XBLA game.

  • 360. yep! explosions

  • 360. bought it without knowing much about it for the xbox live black friday sale for 160 MS POINTS! THAT'S LIKE, 2 DOLLARS DUDE.

  • PC. gifted by Brunchies (thank you so much!!) during the crazy steam Black Friday sale thing.

  • 360. for whatever reason, after Gran Turismo 5's release, i felt the need to buy Forza. as a long time fan of Gran Turismo, i've disappointed myself but i'm glad to finally own an actual fucking racing game that was made this gen.

  • 360. it was on sale for 200 points on the XBLA marketplace. i'm not sure why i bought it. i could get it for free and plus i didn't really like the trial. ugh, it was on sale though..! first mega man 10, and now this. BAD PURCHASING DECISIONS CONTINUE.

  • PS3. bought it for bro for xmas but it was mainly for myself. fuck yes gran turismo fuck forza. haven't played a GT game since 3 and it's good to be back

  • PS3. GOTY Edition. i bought it because i had money when i was buying headphones and i haven't played Borderlands yet and it has all the dlc and shit and OH MY GOD IT HAS THAT DUKE NUKEM THING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. also bought it to play with friends