Games completed in 2013

25 games finished in 2012? come on. i can do better than that this year!

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  • | PlayStation 3 | January 4th |

    i finished it on PS3 just to get the characters, and Kasumi's story costumes. it's still not a good story mode, which was something good to know going in since i skipped all of the cutscenes and got through it in like, an hour.

  • | Vita | January 11th |

    EDF2017 is still completely insane, as it turns out. the extra added missions aren't good, but everything else, including the crazy weapons and huge battles remain intact and still make for a fun time. now that i've unlocked the Pale Wing class, i guess i have a good reason to play through this game a second time.

  • | PlayStation 3 | January 16th | HD Collection |

    i still adore this game. the story is still insane, and the gameplay is.. well, a tad clunky by today's standards, but i think it's still fun and totally playable. the boss fights and set pieces are pretty spectacular, and i think i've finally found a bit of appreciation for the fight with The End. time well spent!

  • | Xbox 360 | February 1st |

    totally kickass. crazy combat, great soundtrack, fun protagonist, superb boss battles, slick presentation, awe-inspiring locales, a lovely art style and a story that, at first i dismissed but ended up caring about in the end. as someone who had no connection to the old DMC games, i thoroughly enjoyed the hell out of DmC.

  • | PlayStation 3 | February 23rd |

    Binary Domain is pretty alright. the shooting is a lot of fun, although the boss battles are really bad. everything blows apart nicely, but i wish that there was some crazier weapons considering it's set in the future. the story is nice, as expected from the Yakuza team, with good characters and a cool world to set everything in. for ten dollars, i'm satisfied.

  • | Vita | March 5th | Path of the Acolyte |

    seventh time finishing this game across the PS3, 360 and Vita versions. the Vita version is a bit disappointing, but it does exactly what it advertises. it's Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 on the Vita, although with some seriously disappointing and annoying technical issues on the frame rate side. the port of the first NGS on the Vita was notched down to 30 FPS, but it remained consistant while here, it's a total mess. apart from that, the combat remains as fun as ever (now with a bit of the gore from NGII) and i still love the hell out of that post-credits scene. i'm also super glad that there's no crappy motion / touch control forced into this version.

    Ninja Gaiden 2 is still pretty awesome, although seven playthroughs later, i feel like i'm starting to get a bit tired of it. i guess that's to be expected. it probably wasn't worth the triple-dip at 40$, but it's incredibly hard for me to resist Ninja Gaiden.

    this makes me worry a bit for the Dead or Alive 5 Vita port. i hope it maintains 60 FPS and has some solid functionality, although it'll be hard not to get my hopes up. it's admittedly a bit hard to expect that quality guarantee from Team Ninja that i used to have.

  • | Xbox 360 | March 16th |

    god damn. what a disappointing game. the shooting doesn't feel good, the controls are messed up, and the story never lives up to its potential.

    i knew it probably wasn't going to be very fun to play, but the story looked like it had something going for it. two criminals who despise each other, working together in a crew heist storyline. it could have been cool. here are parts that are actually kind of alright-- such as rappelling down the Retemoto high rise and breaking your crew out of prison. it wasn't really all that fun to play, but it was cool to be a part of it.

    the game totally falls flat at the end, though. all of that gang and heist stuff in cool locales throughout the game is replaced with drab, boring war-torn locations and throws away all of the interesting story stuff that the game had, including the chemistry betwene Kane & Lynch.

    ugh. if the game played better, it would have been a bit less tolerable but even at that, the story never lives up to its potential. it's a total disappointment. i just hope that the sequel capitalizes on the potential that the series could have. it just sucks that it turned out like this. oh, and that ending...

    ...that ending.

  • | Xbox 360 | March 18th |

    it sucks.

    god dammit. this is probably more disappointing than the first one. the potential of Kane & Lynch is not realized whatsoever in Kane & Lynch 2. the story falls completely flat, to the point where i even wonder if the developers even knew what Kane & Lynch even was. the relationship between Kane and Lynch is completely uninteresting compared to K&L1, and the dialogue is as flat as could possibly be. the only interesting part of K&L2 is the torture chapter.

    the game plays better, but that doesn't say much. the cover system is still frustrating, but at least there's a cover button, and the shooting feels better. it's just a shame that nothing interesting ever happens with the shooting-- apart from the on-rails helicopter sequence. it's surrounded in a boring game.

    it's style over substance at it's greatest. the youtube-style aesthetic that the game has is pretty cool, but the only part where it really shines is during the torture chapter, where it has a real effect on the brutality of what happens throughout. if it wasn't for this, the game in its entirety would have been so much more forgettable.

    i was hoping that this game was going to be good. the game plays better, but everything else isn't very good at all. the story is forgettable, and that's probably the biggest offender here. the potential of Kane and Lynch, as characters wasn't used at all . the best time i had in K&L2 was watching the two interact with each other, and watching the cutscenes. there's such a lack of those two things throughout the game, that it seems like there was absolutely no development or care for them in any capacity. that, in itself is the most disappointing part of Kane & Lynch 2 to me.

  • | Xbox 360 | April 10th | Normal |

    i'm honestly surprised at how much i enjoyed this game. i despised Ninja Gaiden 3, and i came into this game with only negative expectations.

    instead of fulfilling those expectations, Razor's Edge turns NG3 from something disgraceful into something brutal, action-packed and surprisingly fun to play. the combat is improved with return of dismemberment and multiple weapons, as well as Ryu's ninpo and proper ultimate techniques that add a small amount of variety.

    the executions are brutal, the weapons are a ton of fun to use (especially the Lunar) and the upgrades are a very welcome addition, although with not enough things to buy with the absence of items. while there's no essence (boo!), karma (score) as currency is good but in a different way, as it made me aim to get the most out of all encounters and kills to rack up karma. the Ayane chapters, while still brief, brush up on the overall Ninja Gaiden story a little = and are a lot of fun to play through.

    there's still a few issues here and there. some of the enemy types still aren't fun to fight, the damage / dismemberment is incredibly inconsistant and Ryu still feels slower than how he was in his predecessors. while it plays like a much better game, it still doesn't feel like a 'proper' Ninja Gaiden game in some ways--both good and bad. the new way that ninpo functions is... different and kind of cool. while it didn't drastically change how i usually play NG3, it did convince me to aim for higher scoring kills and avoid getting hit as much. i'd have prefer ki slots over a bar any day, though. the absence of items, on the other hand is a total killer and remains probably one of the biggest disappointments in this game to me.

    surrounded in a better playing game, i somehow found a liking for the story and appreciated the little nods here and there. the three extra characters are a lot of fun, but i find Ayane to be the most fun out of them all (duh). she feels so much stronger, and plays so much better than she did in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

    there's a lot more that i could say, but overall, i enjoyed my time with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. it's, simply put, what i wanted Ninja Gaiden 3 to be. it doesn't follow the traditions and conventions of the modern Ninja Gaiden series off a cliff, but Razor's Edge improves enough to keep NG3 afloat and establish it as a decent action game. that's as much as i could ask for.

  • | Xbox 360 | April 27th |

    what a stupid-ass game. love the hell out of it, though. it's so damn weird, especially compared to 50 Cent Bulletproof's single player. i unironically love the writing, as i feel like this is pretty much how 50 cent would act in a war-torn city. plus, the gameplay's actually really fun to boot. time well spent!

  • | Vita (PSone classics) | April 29th | Claire A |

    this was actually my first time beating Resident Evil 2 despite starting it years ago. i liked it a whole lot. enjoyed the adventure, liked Sherry and Claire for the little development that they got, and dug the classic Resident Evil gameplay as always. i didn't expect it to be so short though-- clocking in at about 5ish hours. on to Leon's B scenario!

  • The Ballad of Gay Tony

    | Xbox 360 | May 23rd |

    TBOGT was a ton of fun. i initially didn't like the story, but by the end, i warmed up to it a little. same thing with protagonist Luiz Lopez, but i still feel like he's one of the weakest GTA protagonists next to Vic Vance. at least Yusef was pretty much the best.

    it was still a lot of fun, regardless of the story though. the missions were crazy fun, the weapons were great and the new vehicles were a nice addition. i enjoyed the heck out of the game's club atmosphere too. it was just a fun time.

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