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@vierastalo: Yes! That's exactly it! Thanks! That was bugging me for so long that I could find it.

I guess what I saw was some kind of commercial or teaser video where they took that menu screen (minus the title card over the video) and played the Snaker Eater song over that and used it as something to get players excited for the upcoming release...

Wonder if someone has that uploaded somewhere. Gonna try and search again, now that I know that its from menu.

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Hey guys, wonder if you can help me out here.

Long time ago (like years), I saw this piece of animation for Metal Gear Solid. I'm not sure if it was done just for promotional purposes (trailers or commercials) or if it was actually in the game as an opening or end credit sequence.

Basically it looks like they took scenes of Snake grappling and taking down guys. Like grabbing their weapon, then doing a throw to the floor, but in like a James Bond opening style where Snake and the enemy he's taking down are in either silhouette or just high contrast two colors against a single color background. Very artsy. Is it my imagination that some smooth music was playing? That's why I looked up Snake Eater song and anything to do with Snake Eater but youtube search engine didn't bring up anything that looked like what I saw.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? If so, what was it from? Promotional trailer or commercial or the game itself? Which MGS game? Provide a video link if you also find it online. That would be awesome. Much appreciated. Thanks!

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Just finished played Domination on Cracked where a sniper jumped off the 2nd story and in mid air, quick scoped one shot me. So yeah, it can still be done. In the youtube link above, at the 0:58 mark, that player still manages to do it. I think quick scoping is a bit silly, but meh ... if they make it so only really really talented players can do it, then I'll just put up with it.  I applaud the skill, but it seems goofy out of place when I see it done. Just my personal view on it. 
Actually, now that I think about it. I don't mind regular feet on the ground quick scoping too much. I think it just bothers me when they're in a mid air jump when doing it. I think the game should make it near impossible if not just plain outright impossible to quick scope snipe a guy while jumping in mid-air. I'd be fine with that nerf. :)
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@InfamousBIG said:
" @BeefWaterfall said:

 No knives

Then I will . . .  
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. . . play it.
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blacklabeldomm said:

" @BeefWaterfall: I would play Magical Ninja Warfare so much! "

I would too. 
But only if I could disappear in a puff of smoke only leaving a wooden log behind. Plus, once I hit the 25 killstreak reward, I can call in a huge swarm of flying Japanese school girl panties.
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1.) Dedicated Servers
2.) Better Spawn System
3.) No knives, definitely no Commando Knifing - or nerf the knifing so it's not more effective than guns. A dude with a knife should not ever beat a dude shooting him in the face with an AA-12. It's called Modern Warfare, not Magical Ninja Warfare.
4.) Some sort of Matchmaking system. I applaud you guys that can 360 no-scope me from across the map, but I don't want to play against a whole team of you guys.
5.) Noob Tube as a high kill streak reward? So not everyone can start with it. maybe?  Only those that work for it can get it. only idea for solving the noob tube problem.

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@ShadowofIntent said:

" I took an extended break from that game after being killed by my own martyrdom grenade..... "

Wow, that's gotta be some really bad spawn luck. 
Oddly enough, earlier this sunday I had a great game. Went like 23 and 18. Yeah, that's just pathetic to those guys who make those youtube videos. But for me that's great. On top of it, I scored really high due to also getting a lot of flag captures. Times like that where I enjoy the game. 
Now flash forward later on. Working late and I decide to take a break and play some MW2. Got into a game on Skidrow where literally....I'm not exaggerating here... I was knifed 5 times in a row. Two of those times was when I came around a corner, saw the guy, unloaded with my AA12 at about 8 feet away, and they still got me with the knife. Wow. We should tell SWAT guys to forget using shotguns. They should be entering dangerous rooms with knives. :) 
Speaking of some amazing knives. Y'know ... I've seen videos of people using glitches or cheats. However, I don't think I've ever experienced any in the games I've played in. Or at least, not any time I was aware of. Okay, one time I saw a guy get on top of the middle Offices building in Derail. Don't think that was on the up and up. Other than that...never seen anything crazy cheating. 
Well, yesterday I finally saw something really goofy broken. I was on Favela. I saw a guy launch a grenade at me. It missed and hit a wall, so i lived. A split second later, I was knifed. No biggie. Figure someone snuck in behind me while I was concentrating on the guy with the grenade launcher. Then I watched the Kill Camera. 
If you guys have an over head view of Favela, this is how it went: 

I was in the Playground. Southwest corner by the seesaw I guess. The guy with the grenade launcher was south of me at the southwest corner of the Yellow Building. By the stairs that go up to the Crackhouse. In the Kill Cam, he launches his M203 underslung 'nade launcher and hits the wall to the left of the playground and stairs that go to Side Street. It explodes, I'm still alive. In the kill camera you see me moving to the right and out of view. Basically moving east to put the Yellow Building between me and the launcher and deny LOS.  Then this weird Star Trek warp thing happens, some of the graphics along the side distort and he flys through the air, bends to the right after flying through the air and passing the west side of the yellow building and hits me with a knife.  
Has anyone ever been a victim to this? The guided missile flying knife attack that covers like...40-50 feet? 
First time I've ever seen it.
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I actually don't mind a little bit of camping. Yes, getting killed by a camper can be annoying, but camping has a weakness too. Next time I spawn, I know where that guy is. Usually, there's an easy answer. I'll flashbang or stun grenade his hiding spot, go in with full auto shotgun and spray him down. That, or I'll break out my noobtube and lob one into the window. Or see 3 other guys who have been killed by that camper run toward him and I join the posse. 4 of us usually can take one camper down easy. Yeah, first guy in the room gets killed usually. Or even if its a super fast twitch guy, he kills the first guy, knifes the second guy, but the last two usually get him. 
What amazed me was how well the opposite team was camping and not getting dislodged at all. I mean, they wouldn't even move from their spots and we still couldn't get to them. They would spot us coming and shoot us down quick. Even when they were a bunch of us. They also had really good guys free-roaming around. About 2 of them I think. They would keep us guessing and on our toes. Also run interference for the campers on their own team.  
If I camp, I usually displace after a kill. The guy you just killed knows your spot now right? So I move. But these guys didn't move hardly at all. They were crazy good at camping. 

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First off, this is not a complaint or rant post. To be honest, I know I suck at MW2. I mean real bad. This is about me setting a new standard for "suck". Just FYI, to give you some perspective on my skill level. I usually go like 12 and 14 or 18 and 22. Usually dying a smidge more than killing. But I always Stinger air support and go for flag captures. Try to help the team y'know? 
I just finished two matches in a row where it was just absolutely messy as I've ever seen it. First game, I went 1 and 16. Joined a Domination game in progress already. I don't remember how bad the second game was. Literally, I would spawn and die within 10 seconds. If it wasn't dying right after spawning. It was just dying for just leaving my spawn. 
Here, let me give you some examples: 
-Spawn,  look around for a 1 second to see that I'm not getting flanked. Start to move. Take 5 steps, a Predator Missile hits me. 
-Spawn again, I run for cover right away. Look at the map at the same time. Looks good. Think I'll peak around that corner. Or damn, I've been sniped. 
-Spawn again. Okay...that corner is being covered by a good sniper. Let's go the other way. Gonna move to the end of this shack here and ...damn, grenade just got lobbed into here. I'm dead again. 
-Spawn again. Alright, just sprint and get out of this part of the map! Cross my fingers, cross my fingers, cross my fingers.....whew! Made it to an area that looks clear. Let's see if I can flank on the side and help dislodge some of the other team that are camping out and covering all these lanes. Ah damn....Predator Missile just hit me.  
-Spawn again.  Oh wow, we've switched spawns now. Cool, good time for me to come back in from a different angle. There's a guy who just came around a corner with a Spas 12 in his hand. Got this. He's still far away and the shotgun isn't good at range. Gonna take a knee, aim down sight, got sleight of hand pro going, aiming is quick. Burst to the head and he's dead. Damn I'm dead. SPAS 12 can kill from that far with one shot? 
-Spawn again. Alright, gotta help the team. Flag A is real close. Looks like all the fighting has moved over to the ....damn I'm dead again. Predator Missile again? Let me watch the kill camera. Hmm......there's like 4 squares real close together. Why is the controller of the missile avoiding those four squares and going for the one square all the way off to the side that's me? I'm not even by the flag yet....  
-Spawn again. Man, this is bad. Gotta get it together. Let me move together with the rest of the team. Cool, we're going into this area together. If we encounter someone, they can only kill one of us before the other two mow him down. Damn I'm dead. Let me watch the kill camera. Sniper with an Intervention eh? There he is aiming at my team mate. Oh look, my team turns and goes left just as the sniper pulls the trigger. Guess who is 30 feet behind my team mate? That would be me.  
-About to spawn again. I hear enemy Harrier coming in. Let me switch to class with a Stinger. Got it....good! Damn, that building is in the way. Let me scoot a little to the left and ....damn.....just got hit by a grenade launcher. 
This was my match. I was literally pinned down no matter where I went. I think the opposite team had to be all friends who were working together. On top of that, they were all veteran players. They had every avenue covered. I mean every single way you can go from one side of the map to the other. Every angle was being covered. Yes, it was campy of them. For Domination, they were keeping us from getting a 2nd flag. We just couldn't move out of our half of the map at all. Plus, killstreak wise, they were getting a ton of Predator Missiles. They were literally going off about every 30 seconds to a minute during a point in the game.  
Also, to tell you how well these guys play, I would post up on a spot that I thought wasn't too predictable. Look down my sights and wait for them to come around a corner. Yeah, I was camping. But since they were too, figure I would right? Then an enemy silhouette would appear down the road. Just emerged into view from around a corner. Time to shoot! Nope. Even though he was running. He saw me, stopped, and shot me first. From really far too! Guess my spot wasn't so unpredictable. I don't think there's any unpredictable spots for these guys. 
Anyways, ever been in a game like this? Or is it just me? Y'know, because...I really really suck. You combine that with going up against a veteran team working together and that's a bad recipe for me. I really wish I had I had a way of recording my games. That game was so bad, I really think people would've been entertained with how fast I was getting owned over and over. It was really a new unbelievable low for me. :)

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Both regular knifing and Commando knifing.