First blog, and I get to talk about actions of dubious legality!

Hey, so my first blog. Like, ever. This is an empowering feeling, ya know. I could put any shit on here, and people would care! Except when they won't, which will be most of the time. But just knowing about all those unsung heroes who do care strokes my ego enough for me to post this. So what should I talk about, with an intro paragraph that pretends I don't already have the entire thing written out in a text file. Well, since its my first blog, and those seem to get locked a lot, I'm gonna talk about something which might get my shit kicked in by a mod. Such as....dramatic ellipses

Illicit Materials!

So I decided to saunter my way over to the cool table for rebellious kids by modding my PSP! Man, that was easy. Just run the file the file and go. No wonder sea dogs are such a problems. Now, a bunch of you are probably wagging your fingers while preparing to lecture me about how I'm the cancer destroying the industry with my yars and my hars. Well back off, Strawman McSillyhead, because I didn't do it to pirate PSP games.

You see, I, like many, have grown weary of the PSP's PSPness, and so I sought a means to acquire/strip/rip the image file of the UMD from its glass coffin and hand it over to my pirate friends no, Christ! That's not me. Rather, I wanted to run those .iso files through an emulator. Two reasons: One, I get to play my PSP games without hunching over my PSP, and two, emulators offer the opportunity for forcing those games to play in glorious 1920x1080. With abundant graphical glitches as a bonus.

I mean, Christ
I mean, Christ

So how did that work out? Well, uh, it didn't. Starting out, it was a pain in the ass getting the image files off those discs (1MB/s transfer rate? For a 1GB file? Seriously?) and when I did the emulators themselves were not at all helpful. As far as I can tell, there are two: PCSP and JPCSP, the later being the former written in Java. And neither worked. You see, I forgot that its best to wait at least a generation before attempting to virtualize a console.

So what do I do now? I got this modded PSP and nothing to do with it. I guess I'll just pirate a bunch of games FUCK! No! All my years of PC gaming I was able to resist the urge. I will not cave for PSP games! So, what did I do? Well, ya see, during my experiment here, I chanced upon something. Something I found useful.

Efficient Storage!

So now my edgy, underground PSP that wears all black and chains can run iso files. Were I a man of little virtue, I could exploit (or use as intended) this feature to execute contraband materials. But I'm not, Pious Padre here could not abide by that. However, now I can place the file I just ripped from my PSP back into my PSP, or rather its fancy new ISO folder, completing this needlessly roundabout circle notpiracy. This allows me to play that game, which I totally legally own (not even sarcasm), without fishing out the UMD. I've done that with all my PSP titles, so that I can switch between games like a boss without bothering with that silly physical media.

I am new at this screenshot business, so this probably looks terrible!
I am new at this screenshot business, so this probably looks terrible!

Now, I haven't accomplished the goal I set out to. And I only had, like, three physical games. All of my other PSP games were digital downloads off of PSN (which I might not be able to access anymore but whatevs). BUT, I took a look at my largish PS2 collection, at my hard-drive with plentiful space, and at the PS2 emulator which I know works and which I know I can use to run most games at glorious 1920x1080 HD. With the glitches. I love that shit. So now I've started ripping those, while preparing to place the worn out, physical copies in storage.

Now I know, I KNOW, what you nay sayers are nay saying: I now have two copies of these games where there used to be one, and I can very easily pass on the disc to a friend, thereby destroying, in one fell stroke, the entire PS2 market.

Well jokes on you, Frankie Doo. I don't have any friends! AHA!




...I promise I'll have something useful to talk about next time.