Ways to Prepare your Android App for Google Play Store

App development requires a lot of research and hard work. It takes a lot of time to develop a single app. If your app has any performance issues, users will uninstall it and also write bad reviews for the app. This will make all your efforts worthless. Hence, there are some points that you should keep in mind before making the app available on the Google Play Store. Read the article to know what these important points are.

Ways to Prepare your Android App

Ways to Prepare your Android App:

Make your app available in several languages

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App localization is important to make it available for a number of users. The app you upload on the Google Play Store will be downloaded and used by people globally. Hence, it is necessary to localize the app.

If you need help in implementing different languages you can use translator app which is available for ios devices. This app provide translations for different areas from slang words to scientific translations.

Though English is one of the most spoken languages across the globe, still you need to make your app available in multiple languages. By localizing your app, you can increase the audience size.

To make your app available in different languages, you should look for a translation company. For this, you need some capital. If your budget is low, you can look for the users who are interested in translating your app for free. For their collaboration, you can gift them the premium version of your app.

Make your app consume less battery

Battery consumption is the main concern for every mobile user and app development company. Today’s Android smartphones are loaded with the latest technology. Users can view the detailed statistics for the battery consumption on their mobile phones.

The battery consumption statistics let users know which app is consuming much battery. Users will uninstall the app which is consuming more battery and look for its alternative. Moreover, there is also an autodetection system in smartphones which alerts the users about which app is consuming more battery. So that, users can take appropriate action.

Hence, it is advised to develop your app that will consume less battery. If the app requires too much processing, it is good to add the background running feature. In this way, you can make your app to consume less battery.

Size matters

Make the size of your app small. Users do not want to install the apps which require more space on their smartphones. Heavy apps increase the load on CPU of the device due to which the device’s performance gets slow down. Besides this, heavy apps also consume too much battery of the device.

There are a number of ways by which the size of an app can be reduced:

  • Remove unnecessary features from the app. Unnecessary features not only increase the app size but also frustrate the users.
  • You can make use of the tools like DexGuard or ProGuard to reduce the app size.
  • It is advised to load the assets to the server instead of keeping them on the app.

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