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Worst characters in games

When I play game that has shitty people in it, it really bring downs the quality of the game. Here's my list of the worst characters in games. (more coming soon!)

List items

  • Terrible dialogue, awfull design, and a stupid mohawk thing haircut. Crimson Viper is by the far the worst characters to ever enter the gaming world. Her outfit is flat out stupid, she's walks around with her cell phone and stupid ass sunglasses. Reminds me of people I know. And her boobs don't make any sense!

  • So you get fans from being a complete bad-ass right? This fan does not compliment you at ALL. Quite possibly the worst haircut in all of the video game realm, he has the useless tendencies of well.... no one, he tops the list of all uselessness.

  • So this guy yells at you for not saving right? why does he do that if the game secretly autosaves. Pops out of the ground and gives this lecture about how non-savers make his life hard-FIND A DIFFERENT JOB!

  • Out of all the fighters in UFC 2009 why is Broc Lesnar the only one that looks like shit.

  • This guy isn't rad. He has a awfull Jamican hobo style haircut, retarded ass arm, and his game ruined lives.

  • He is the lead singer of Poison, but sings a Kiss song? Kiss kicks the A Poison sucks the D, nuff said.


  • "Hey there wanna run around in a minefield so I finish my survival guide?". No. VATS acivated.

  • He is a loser becuase it daughter has to pull his ass out of the fire through out the series.

  • Here is the conversation that went done concerning Seth's design

    Capcom dev 1: Holy shit, we need a boss character!

    Capcom dev 2: Your right! but how do make one in such shoert term notice?

    Capcom Dev 1: I know! Give him all other annoying moves from other fighters!

    Capcom Dev 2: Brillant! What does he look like?

    Capcom Dev 1: Fuck it, make him one solid color and a ying-yang.

    Capcom Dev 2: Ok, now what do we call him?

    Capcom Dev 1: (see's Seth Killian across the room) Seth!

    Capcom Dev 2: Genius!