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Bust out the Mountain Dew and Lays. Risk is back. 0

     Ever have one of those days when you really wanted to play Risk but no one else does? And when you do find someone to play with they gank Australia and put friendship in question. Those day are over because Risk just rolled it's way onto XBLA.       Risk: Factions keeps all the thing you love about the classic board game and adds some animation to it. Weather you want to play all-out war with five friends or go for the new objective based game Risk: Faction everything you want is there. In ...

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A good game that is thirsty for change. 0

     Nintendo and Gamefreak announced that they'are remaking their hit Gameboy RPG Pokemon Silver/Gold in late 2007, since then the remakes have been the most anticipated handheld game since the re-release of ChronoTrigger also released in late 2007.        Pokemon Silver (I'm going to shorten abbreviate it to just Silver here on out for the sake of time) has all the original content, Pokemon and of course music that still stands the test of time ten after it was introduced. Soulsilver also intr...

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Fable 2 review 0

  When I bought Fable II it cost me thirty bones I chose it over Fallout 3 which was still at sixty bones even though the games came out only eleven day apart. I don’t understand it’s low price. Fable II has a long story 7-11 hours depending on how you play the game and which quest you do. A lot of people have been ripping on the combat feature. It is a basic control scheme Y to shoot range weapon X to use melee weapon. I found it nice how that game has simple combat it made it fluid and simp...

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