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Oh snap Mac and Linux support. Will buy this solely because of that. I currently run the original Audiosurf in a VM on my Mac when I want to play it.

Yet another nail in the coffin for Windows for me. Only a few games left that make me want to keep a Windows install. The sooner I can move my desktop over to only having Linux, the better.

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I plan my meals around having leftovers and drink a lot of tea, so a microwave is insanely helpful for me. I don't eat microwaveable frozen meals though, those are nasty.

Then again, our entire kitchen is run on magic. We have one of those crazy induction stoves. You can boil water in under a minute and a half and have chicken noodle soup boiling and ready in about 2 minutes. Faster than a microwave. But I do end up burning a lot of stuff when I fry things though. Induction stoves get crazy hot.

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Do the walk of life.

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Not funny, just insanely uplifting. I always listen to Dire Straits when I'm down.

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I agree. I am not even going to bother trying BF4. I disliked BF3 a great deal and am of the opinion that they have killed one of their best franchises in hopes of trying to beat a game in sales that they are not going to ever be able to beat. I wish they would go back to a BF2 style game where there is way more focus on teamwork than just shooting, or at least like Bad Company.

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The actual clip from the show was quite powerful. Hank and Junior both laughing their butts off while Walt is staring in horror as he realizes that Hank is getting closer and closer to figuring things out.

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Skipping school for something like that is kinda questionable. You should only skip if you have a valid reason to. Laziness isn't a valid reason (I used to skip out of laziness at times and ended up regretting it a lot).

Getting into the habit of skipping classes can be a really bad thing though. Once you start is can be hard to stop.

Now I only skip classes if the lecturer/prof sucks and I won't lose anything by skipping it. For example, if they just read a PowerPoint that I can get from the course site, then I skip, read the PowerPoint myself, then read the textbook and do questions. I can get way more learned teaching myself in an hour and a half than if I watch someone else teach it, if they are bad. I have one prof this term who does exactly this, and even has all the examples he does on his PowerPoint, so there is literally no reason to attend lecture other than to assignments in. I still usually go anyway, but the more I go, the more pointless it feels. I will probably stop attending soon other than days where we hand in assignments. From what I've heard a lot of people are doing that now.

If the professor is good, though, I always attend lecture. I can learn a ton from a good lecture.

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Get a crotch rocket bike, and see how fast and far I can go while driving in the wrong lane before dying from the inevitable front end collision. I usually do this on the highways because you can get going way faster. It's even better when Bob Seger is playing.

Though everything is better when Bob Seger is playing.

Actually cancel that, I make my own fun by listening to Bob Seger.

The only way it could be better is if Dire Strait's "Walk of Life" was on the rock channel.

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@bigjeffrey said:

its been 5 years, finally coming to a end.

Its kinda weird how tv time goes. If I'm not mistaken its been like 2 years total in Breaking Bad time.

The show does take place over a two year period. Walt turns 50 on the first episode and 52 in the last season.

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I didn't really notice. But I play my Xbox stuff on a TV and my PC games on a monitor and don't mix the two so I am used to how each are supposed to look.

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Also I'd rather he just replace Drew. I can't take the F1 or racing talk anymore. Also doesn't seem like he plays much outside of that.

Them's fightin' words!

I would be OK with Rorie being on as long as he doesn't replace Drew. I find Drew's contributions quite interesting. He does a lot of neat stuff that not many people do so it is nice to hear about that.