Cargo! What who what where?

I know many of you are confused or "dumfounded", perhaps even scared, by Cargo. I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't be and to help you understand the madness.
Now I haven't played this game yet but I'm familiar with Ice-Pick Lodge's (the developer) previous releases Pathologic and The Void. I could write about them but I'd wouldn't do a better job than the reporters at Rock, Paper, Shotgun (RPS) who have done an awesome job. Here are some links:

  • Site of the developer Ice-Pick Lodge –
  • Interview with Ice-Pick Lodge, by RPS –    
  • A "review" of Cargo, by RPS –
  • A "review" of Cargo, by RPS –
  • Analysis / critic of Ice-Pick Lodge's first game Pathologic –

Hopefully this will increase interest in an unkown, under-the-rader developer with great aspirations and ideas. If you've got any questions you should hit me up!