Worried about the Silent Hill 8 Soundtrack? Probably shouldn't be

As a huge fan of the Silent Hill series, I understand that a lot of people (myself included) were concerned with the fact that Akira Yamaoka left Konami to go work with EA and Suda on their newest game. After all, how could you replace the guy who came up with Theme of Laura, Promise, or any number of Silent Hill songs (which could take up an entire blog themselves with their sheer awesomeness.)

They announced that Daniel Licht, who's primarily known for his work as the composer for the awesome serial-killer show Dexter, would be taking over Yamaoka's position. Kotaku just posted a sample of his music for the game and I must say that it sounds pretty damn good.

You can definitely hear some influences from the Dexter soundtrack, but it's looking pretty promising. If he can hit the right mood (which he seems to be doing well, if the clip is an indication), then I'm pretty damn excited.