My Top Five

My top list of the five best games I've ever played.  It's not really in order, I love them all equally.

List items

  • It's a little cliche yes, but how could I pass by Ocarina of Time? Can't count the amount of times I've played this game. It's the first truly excellent game I ever played and I'm glad I had the intelligence to go back and play it once I was old enough to appreciate good games.

  • I know this came out like a week ago but I was blown away by it. I beat it in two sittings, I just couldn't put it down. I've already started going through again on hard. Easily the most cinematic game I've ever seen, and definitely one of the best games I've ever played.

  • I loved the sequel a lot, but nothing will ever compare to the original. What a concept right? Disney and Final Fantasy mixed into an action RPG. How did that make it through the pitch meeting. Well, however it did, I'm glad it made it. I'm not that into RPG's as a whole but Kingdom Hearts had me hooked from the start, and has me coming back for more constantly. Its the reason I bought a PS2, and anticipation for KH3(Hopefully) is one of the things that sold me a PS3.

  • My first RTS and probably the only one I've every truly loved. I still to this day LAN with some of my friends. I used to be pumped about Starcraft II but I've now accepted the fact that Blizzard way to much money to actually release it. When I consider it though, it doesn't matter. Starcraft has been and will be one of my favorite games for years.

  • There is just something about this game that just keeps me coming back to it. I've beaten it more times than I've kept track of. The game play is ridiculously fun. The simplicity of the command system is excellent and easy to use to it's full potential, which you'll have to if you play it on the hardest difficulty.