Benny's Random-Ass 2010 Awards

Ignore the order.

List items

  • Best game not actually played by Benny:

    I haven't played it, but somehow I can't shake this feeling that I've watched somebody else play through it online... twice.

  • Best use of mini-guns:

    You can use a mini-gun as a regular primary weapon... and you can upgrade it to hold 400 fucking rounds. AND YOU CAN USE IT IN SLOW MO

  • Most huggable videogame character:


    I get that you're scared... You miss your family. We're being chased by robots. A fat bastard keeps hitting on you, but... can I just hug you, please? Please?

  • Best out-of-body experience:


    The section where you control a Little Sister was wonderful and adorable. And creepy.

  • Biggest reality check:

    (Xbox Live Arcade)

    Yo, this game was way more fun on the Nintendo 64 :(

  • Craziest default setting:

    The music is deactivated by default. Wh-?

  • Best named videogame character:

    (Fallout: New Vegas)

    GET IT?

  • Biggest "That's what she said" moment:

    (Sarah Weintraub, Vault 21 Gift Shop)

    "My Vault runs deep and wide!"

  • Best rare weapon:

    (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)

    So this weapon never got produced IRL. It has a break-open frame with an automatic ejector. Meaning you "break" it open and the spent casings fly out. THAT SHIT IS AWESOME.

  • Best use of scopes:

    You like 4x scopes right? Alright, we'll let you put it on almost everything. M60? Sure. Uzi? Yo bro make it gangsta. M95? Good luck with that. SPAS-12? GTFO!