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Favorite Guns

These are my top ten favorite guns as seen in videogames.

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  • Truly, this is the manliest weapon.

  • There are a ton of snipers to choose from, but this is by far the prettiest. Only game I know of that has this gun is Far Cry 2, which is a shame.

  • I CAN'T HEAR YOU OVER THE SOUND OF ME SHOOTING EVERYBODY ON THE OTHER TEAM. This is my favorite weapon in Modern Warfare 2. The extreme fire rate coupled with the fact that it looks cooler than the M249 makes it my favorite LMG.

  • Didn't really get into this gun until Rainbow Six Vegas 2, but after Modern Warfare 2 this weapon is officially crazy awesome.

  • Heavy recoil, low clip size, extreme sexiness.

  • Wait, so hang on, the ammo is on top and the iron sight is on the left? And it's an extremely accurate light machine gun? Sweet.

  • You could just pick up an MP40 and spray at them, but I'd much rather line up headshots with this bolt-action German rifle. I don't usually like bolt-action weapons, but this is the exception.

  • It's not just that it is reliable and common. It also has that mechanical feel to it that makes every bullet feel good.

  • I used it for the most part of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and came to love it. It's my "Meight".

  • Who designed this? I hate it. Wait, now I like it. Now I hate it again. God damn it, now I love it.