WrestleMania 28 Predictions!!!

While I mainly do MMA predictions on this blog I am also a huge pro wrestling nerd. I thought it would be fun to do predictions of Wrestlemania and it would be awesome if you guys did too in the comments :D. I won't be as respectful in this as I am with my MMA predictions.


Who cares. But I am picking Kelly Kelly and that bitch from extra because there is no way a celebrity will lose at WM.


Team Johnny will win because Teddy Long probably wants to retire. Deep down I want Team Teddy to win because of the Santino factor.


I hope this match won't be as bad as everyone says it will be but it probably will. Randy Orton will win because lately Kane has been booked like a jobber.


Cody Rhodes is awesome but he will lose because they made a big deal about Big Show choking at Mania.


I am Irish and I still hate Sheamus. I hated the fact that he won the title to early but I came around on him. Now since he is a face he is terrible and I hope he loses tonight. I also think he might lose because I think they are building Daniel Bryan as the next JBL. He is a new guy who always seems to find a way to keep his belt and we all know JBL kept his belt forever so it was awesome for the kids when he finally lost. I think Daniel Bryan might keep the belt until Summerslam at the latest.


It wouldn't make sense for Punk to lose to Y2J. He has only been a top main eventer for a few months. Jericho is old and already established as a main eventer. Punk needs a win against Jericho to establish him as the No. 1 guy in the company,


Undertaker for obvious reasons.


There are talks of Brock Lesnar to be involved in this match and that's cool I guess. Just like the CM Punk match it makes no sense for The Rock to win.

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Hey everyone, I usually don't blog about non MMA stuff but this is different.

Years ago I got a laptop and found my way to Gamespot. I watched very casually and liked a lot of the reviews.Throughout the years I checked the site occasionally for a review of a Nintendo game or something. I never followed them that much because I was young and unaware of all the other awesome thing they did besides reviews. One day I started watching some GS stuff when I saw a comment on Gamespot's Youtube that went something like this. "You guys were cool before you fired Jeff Gerstmann because he gave a game a bad review score." This was sometime between late 08- very early '09. I was flabbergasted that they would do that and I wanted to know what Gerstmann did post-GS.

And then I found Giant Bomb, I instantly fell in love and watched and listened to pretty much all its back catalog (there wasn't that much at the time) and I loved every second. I watched a good amount of old Gamespot footage also and it was equally awesome. I haven't stopped watching and listening since then. I love the podcast and quick looks etc. This website and other websites on whiskey media have entertained me a heck of a lot more than anything I watch. I have found myself interested in Gerstmann-Gate and spent a lot of time looking at a lot of different peoples opinions on the subject. Jeff just about less than an hour ago ended the live stream where he talked about his firing. It wasn't too different than what I have heard on the internet from "anonymous" people that posted on another Cnet website. It is out in the air now and that is awesome.

So yeah, there will be some changes and I am excited to see this new chapter in Giant Bomb's life. Am I hesitant? Of course but I also can't wait to see the new How to Build a Bomb (if it ever happens) because they are my favourite GB videos. I can't wait to see all this new shit. Let us remember the Whiskey Media era as a time of awesome for the internet. I miss Rorie already :'( #chan

"ALWAYS FOREVER THROUGH TIME" Ryan Davis talking about his hand holding with Rorie


UFC on FX 2/ Strikeforce Tate vs Rousey Predictions!!!

It is finally here, UFC will debut the 125ers today (friday) and two hot chicks will go at it in Tate vs Rousey!!!!!!!

Strikeforce Picks:

Miesha Tate vs "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey

This fight is difficult to predict because Rousey hasn't gotten past the opening minute in her pro MMA career. Tate is the champion and she has decent striking and great wrestling. I predict Rousey to finish her early but this could go either way very easily.

UFC on FX picks: (today)

Martin Kampmann vs Thiago Alves

I think Kampmann will out grapple Alves.

Joseph "Jobe Bryant" Benavidez vs Yasuhiro Urishitani:

Urishitani hasn't fought outside of Asia before which is huge. A lot of the time Japanese fighters don't do well when they come into the UFC and I think he won't perform well against Benavidez.

Ian "Uncle Creepy" McCall vs Demitrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson:

A lot of people are sleeping on "Uncle Creepy", A lot of people are picking Johnson and I don't think they should be so confident. This fight is close and I think McCall will win because he has experience at 125.




UFC 144 Predictions!!!

There are 7 fights on this PPV but I am only predicting 5.

Joe Lauzon vs. Anthony "Showtime" Pettis

Joe Lauzon proved me wrong in his last fight against Melvin Guillard but now he is facing a more well rounded fighter in Anthony Pettis. I do think that Pettis will get the W in this fight just because of his superior striking and I believe it will be hard for Lauzon to take him down.

Yoshihiro "Sexiyama" Akiyama vs Jake Shields

This fight is pretty close, if Shields can take him down at will however it won't be. I heard somewhere (I don't know if its true) that Akiyama has never been taken down but it is not like he has fought AA wrestlers. I think Jake will win a close decision because of his superior grappling.

Mark Hunt vs Cheick Kongo

Both these guys are top level kickboxers and have massive amounts of power. Kongo will most likely try to take Hunt down but Hunt has shown much improvement in his grappling. I think Hunt will catch Kongo sometime in the fight and finish him for the upset.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs Ryan "Darth" Bader

If you haven't heard Jackson missed weight because of an injury. He said that he couldn't run for a while and gained weight during his flight to Japan. The injury I believe might hinder him and Bader will be able to take him down. I expect a lackluster fight of Bader controlling Jackson. Let's hope that it doesn't happen.

UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie "The Answer" Edgar vs Benson "Smooth" Henderson

This fight will be close and it will most likely come down to who wants it more and who has the most heart. Me and many others believe that Frankie Edgar is the most determined fighter in the UFC. Edgar also has a lot of heart and the people still don't give him the respect he deserves. Henderson on the other hand is a physical specimen and is a huge 155er. I expect Edgar leaving Japan with the belt after a close gritty war. Can anyone say FIGHT OF THE YEAR! Let's hope I guess.

Predictions: Edgar, Bader, Hunt, Shields, Pettis

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UFC 143 Predictions!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!! It is here UFC 143 strap on your mother fucking seatbelts.

Renan Barao vs. Scotty Jorgensen

I personally met Barao at the airport the day after his fight in Birmingham and you would never think that not only is this guy a bad ass but he has the longest unbeaten streak in the UFC. If you haven't seen his fight with Brad Pickett (I was there live :D) it was a picture perfect performance against a guy who beat former #1 contender Demetrious Johnson. Jorgensen however stylistically is a very tough opponent for Barao because Barao's weakest aspect is his wrestling. I think Barao will finish him. Jorgensen has one way to beat him and that is shoot and shoot early I expect Barao to know this and will be smart enough to not throw silly flying knees against a high level wrestler.

Josh Koscheck vs Mike Pierce

Every time Pierce has faced a top opponent he has failed to come out victorious. However remember UFC 141 when Johnny Hendrix shocked the world against Jon Fitch (a training partner and friend of Koscheck) I can see that happening tonight. Pierce has a lot of power and has the wrestling to keep the fight standing. I am going for Koscheck to win a close decision but who knows in this crazy sport.

Roy Nelson vs. Fabricio Werdum

Werdum shocked everyone including Alistair Overeem last June by showing decent stand up. I still think Roy's is better though and he stood 3 rounds with JDS so I don't see him getting knocked out. I think Roy will be able to keep this fight standing and win a boring fight.

UFC Interim Welterweight Championship bout: Nick Diaz vs "The Natural Born Killer" Carlos Condit

This fight reminds me of Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone because not only because obviously Nate and Nick are brothers and because Cerrone and Condit are training partners but also because this is the same style match up. Diaz being the king of cardio in MMA and with an excellent unique boxing style. While Condit is the diversified striker with great Kicks, Knees and Elbows similar to Cerrone. I see this fight going the same way as the other fight did but a lot closer. I could go on about this fight for paragraphs and paragraphs but I will not bore you, Diaz by Decision

Leave your Predictions below.

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UFC on FOX 2 Predictions!!!

Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman

When it comes to BJJ, Demian Maia is one of the best to come in from BJJ to MMA but Chris Weidman has beaten Phil Davis and Ryan Bader in ameteur wrestling. I can see Weidman getting overconfident on the ground and getting subbed by Maia. I think what is going to happen is that Maia will be unable to take Weidman down and Weidman will outpoint Maia on his feet.

Chael P. Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping

To be honest when I was thinking about my predictions for this fight I couldn't see Bisping winning this fight. Yes this is still MMA and anyone can get caught but I think Sonnen will use his superior Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu to either submit Bisping or just dominate him on the ground.

Rashad Evans vs. Phil "Mr. Wonderful" Davis

This fight is so close but I think Evans will be able to out-strike him on his feet BUT we have not seen Davis fight in 10 months and his stand-up could be greatly improved plus Davis is the superior wrestler and is by far the better ground fighter. Even so I still have to go with rashad.


UFC on FX 1 Predictions!!!

This will be UFC's first card on FX these FX and Fuel TV fight cards are pretty much replacing UFC on Versus and UFC Fight Nights on Spike.

I will be picking 2 fights from this card because it isn't very important.

Pat HD Barry vs Christian Morecraft

I think standing Barry has the advantage but on the ground Morecraft will have the advantage. Since Mr. "HD" has been training with the likes of Brock Lesnar I think his takedown defense will be good enough for Morecraft. Also when a fighter knows that all you are trying to do is go for a takedown it is harder to get.

Jim Miller vs Melvin Guillard

Both these fighters are bad-ass and don't be suprised if this fight wins Fight of the Night. I think Guillard will win this fight because he has a versatile stand up game and he has the wrestling credentials to keep the fight standing.


UFC 142 Predictions!!!

I didn't predict UFC 141 but I am back for UFC 142.

For this one I will be doing 3 fights instead of 5 because I like to change shit up.

Terry Etim vs Edson Barboza: Barboza is an excellent striker but Terry Etim is no slouch either if this fight goes to the judges I think it will be Barboza who wins but I have a sneeky feeling Etim will catch Barboza in some kind of submission.

Vitor Belfort vs Anthony Johnson: If you are reading this you probably know about the weigh ins but if you don't this is Anthony Johnson's first fight at 185 pounds (he moved up from 170 pounds) and he missed weight by 11 pounds. I feel like this whole situation makes me more excited for this fight. I think Belfort will be too quick for Johnson.

Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes: Not picking because it is too damn close.


UFC 140 Predictions!!!

Mark "The Machine" Hominick vs "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung

This will be fight of the night. I think Hominick will be able to out strike him in a close enough fight though.

Brian Ebersole vs Claude Patrick

Also a great fight and it is also very close. Patrick is in his home country which is an advantage with the judges. I will pick Ebersole becuase of the experience factor.

Tito "The Peoples Champion" Ortiz vs Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Yes Tito has a new nickname. It isn't just stolen from "The Rock" he stole it from Chael Sonnen as well. I don't like Tito but I don't hate him either. I try not to hate any fighter because I respect what they do, but I digress. I think Nogueira will be able to out-strike Ortiz and if Tito takes him down Lil' Nog will be able to sweep him or submit him.

Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nougueira

I like Nogueira, he is a legend of the sport I counted him out at UFC:Rio and he knocked out Schaub. I will not count him out this time even though Mir has great stand up and jiu jitsu. Mir has the speed advantage but I think Big Nog has came back from beating too many times so I will pick Big Nog for this one.

Jonny "Bones" Jones vs Lyoto Machida

Come on, son! We all know who most likely will win. Like Tito I don't like "Bones" but I don't hate him. He will find a way to win his wrestling is better his reach is SUPER hard to deal with and he can submit you.


TUF 14 Predictions!!!!!

John Dodson vs TJ Dillashaw

I believe both these guys could be future Champions BUT not in the same division. TJ has potential to be as good as his team mates at Team Alpha Male. Dodson on the other hand could be a great 125er but he is a bit too small to become a top contender at Bantamweight. I picked Dillashaw from the beginning so I will stick to my guns.

Diego Brandao vs Dennis Bermudez

Some people are saying that Brandao is going to crush Bermudez. I don't know if he will. Bermudez matches up as well as you can get against a killer like Brandao. His wrestling is great, his ground and pund is lethal he submitted Akira Corrasani and I think he has the best chance out of all the 145ers on the show to beat him. Even still you can't see a lot of people stopping Brandao right now.

Michael "The Count" Bisping vs Jason "Mayhem" Miller

"Mayhem" is one of my favourite fighters ever. I have been trying to become a monkey forever but I just haven't had the best luck becoming one yet, But I am predicting not being a stupid fan, at least right now. I am sure I won't be abe to sit down for the entirety of this 5 round fight (if it goes that long) this is a really close fight that I could see anything happening but I think "Mayhem" will push the pace enough to eventually ware out Bisping and choke him out in the championship rounds (even though this isn't a championship fight).

PICKS: Ferguson,Dillashaw,Brandao,Miller :) I hope you guys watch these fights on Spike and comment before or after the event and remember GLHB :)

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