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Fundraiser to help a friend (with sweet gaming/movie/othe prizes)

Hey all, new Whiskey Media intern here asking for a favor from some of you guys. (I know, one day and I'm already asking favors) The tl;dr is that my friend's wife is very sick, and is going to need treatment that costs around $10,000. This friend is a man who created what is known as the JPAG, the Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group. This is the only other gaming thing I'm involved in besides Giant Bomb (and is what actually got me into GB in the first place). Now, I wouldn't come here just asking for your guys' money, so I want to let you know there are a TON of cool prizes donated by members of the JPAG including Joystiq's on Justin McElroy.

Here is a link to the Facebook event, if you don't have Facebook, I'm going to put the details below in spoilers. Basically there is a live stream, and every donation of $5 gets you a raffle ticket for one the hourly prizes, and a raffle ticket for the grand prizes. I would be grateful if you were even to check out the link, let alone attend tomorrow or tell a friend.

The event starts tomorrow at 3:00 Central Standard time (1 Pacific, 4 Eastern, something else European). I'll bump it again tomorrow around then

Thanks again,

Edit: I know some of you guys are Redditors, so if you can at the very least upvote here so we can get some attention. Thanks!