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Whiskey Media Intern-Watch 2011: Tons of Terrible Trailers

Day 14:

It's been two weeks since I've started here at Whiskey Media, and boy time flown.

Except when it hasn't.

Such was the case over the past two days when I had my most grueling of tasks. Intern-wrangler Ethanassigned me the task of getting some quotes for every movie in 2011, past and present. At first I thought "oh this won't be so bad I'll go find some quotes on IMDB or something." I was wrong.

This task was easy enough with big movies like Hangover II, or Thor, but some of these movies had quotes nowhere to be found. So I figured I would go watch the trailers and get some quotes from them.

Do you know how many movies have been released this year? No, go on, I'll let you guess... no really. What? Like, 50 or something? Yeah that's what I thought too. Turns out there have been 350 ****ING MOVIES in the five months of 2011 alone. And I have to watch trailers for all of them.

They have ranged from bad:

To terrible:

To pretty much the worst thing ever (WARNING NSFW... or anything)

Anyway, this is a terrible task but I still love my job here. Even if I'm only 50 deep into the 350 releases of the year.