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10 Favorite Games

Two notes about this list.
1) It is in no particular order, #1 isn't necessarily my favorite game of all time.
2) It is constantly changing.
3) I never owned a playstation or a good gaming computer.

List items

  • Funny story about this game, my mom actually rented it for herself (yeah my mom is pretty rad). I stumbled upon it one day and started playing it, but she thought it would be "too scary" for me (yeah my mom is kinda lame). I ended up playing through it twice on the Gamecube and twice on the Wii, loving every second of it.

  • Hands down the best fictional universe created in gaming history. I wasted hours on the most minute of things, whether it be

  • This game probably wins "most time I've ever sunk into a video game." I have 5 compete character playthroughs and even with New Vegas out I have still gone back to Fallout 3. My first ever game on a non-Nintendo console, and what a game it was.

  • This is the game I played the most in 2010. And I will still continue to play it. I've played other street fighters, even back to the SNES, but this is the first one where I actually started to "play" it.

  • No More Heroes has some of the craziest characters from gaming, peroid. I haven't played it in a year but I could still name all 10 of the boss assassins in order, It's also the only game I immedielty started replaying on a higher difficulty

  • I'm probably in the minority who thinks that this game is better than the original. I feel like this game had a bigger world in terms of environments, better music and more level variation than its predecessor. Not saying I didn't like Donkey Kong Country, I just liked this a whole lot more. And lets not even mention DKC 3.

  • I've played through this games countless times. Maybe the first video game I ever played, I got it with my Super Nintendo back when I was five, and it's the game that taught me what video games are. I still go back and play through some of it once a year on my SNES.

  • 007-373-5963

  • I don't play a lot of JRPGS. In fact prior to Tales of Symphonia, I think the last one I had played was Final Fantasy IV. Maybe it was because I wasn't overloaded on the genre by that point, but I found Tales of Symphonia absolutely awesome. There was tons to do, and a pretty cool story to keep things moving with a few awesome twists along the way.

  • Probably the only PC game (aside from Majesty) that I played before 2008. Even though I was no good at the core game, I sunk hours upon hours into all the different UMS games. To this day I'll occasionally pop it in and see if there are any of my old favorite games still in circulation.