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Games that need reboots/remakes

Video games. I play them. You play them. That guy doesn't, though.
Some games are better than others, and get sequels. Some are shitty, and still get sequels anyway.  
Some games are AWESOME, but don't get sequels at all. These are their stories. Dun Dun.

List items

  • One of my favorite games from the N64. I don't blame you if you never heard of it, but a mix of funny writing, fun platforming and GIANT-ASS ROBOTS made this game completely awesome.

  • Part sim, part action-platformer, ActRaiser for the SNES blends two cool genres into an awesome experience. "ActRaiser" is the Recess of video games, unless you count that shitty free XBLA game Recess made as the Recess of video games.

  • Released around the same time as "Super Smash Bros.", this cartoonish Dreamcast fighting is one of the only 3D-based fighting games that I enjoy. Some would argue it was even better than the original "Smash," but they would be wrong. But that's ok.

  • Based on a comi-excuse me, "graphic novel," XIII puts you in the role of an amnesic assassin who must uncover the conspiracy against those who betrayed you. I accidentally bought this game, but after playing it, it was a whole lot of fun and had a really cool style. Not to mention that there was A CLIFFHANGER. MAKE A SEQUEL SO I CAN FIND OUT HOW IT ENDS!

  • A new "Out of this World" could be awesome. I think I've said enough, here.

  • There needs to be another Star Fox on consoles. The DS one was OK, "Star Fox Assault" was decent, and I refuse to even acknowledge the existence of the other Gamecube game. But we need a modern Star Fox. If this does happen, though, don't put more furry stuff in it.

  • I know, I know, you can play "Mother 3" on a ROM with a fan translation, but I want a legit sequel. Either a real release of "Mother 3," or a new game entirely. Also I want to say to all the FBI agents reading, I would NEVER download a ROM. Or a car.