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GotY 2014

These are the best games that mostly came out in 2014 according to me.

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  • Lethal League is an amazing complex fighting game that can be approached by anyone. On the surface it seems like Divekick, but playing it months later I have found it to be one of the most rewarding games I've put time into in a while.

  • Ultra Street Fighter IV is a fun game to watch, but I didn't put nearly as much time in to it as I did any other version. Omega Mode coming in as free DLC is enough for me to include it on my list.

  • This was a lot lower but I unlocked an anime mask for my robber last night so now it's here.

  • I didn't like any of the Arkham games, but I love this quite a bit. Maybe it's because Batman sucks.

  • One of the only retro Capcom-style throwbacks that I've loved as much as the games it was trying to remind you of.

  • The new smash is good. It's not my favorite Smash Bros, but I'll take a decent smash over most other games.

  • This game is fun and I wish I played it more.

  • This game was alright and helped me get into my true Game of the Year, Android Netrunner.

  • I replayed this and it's great just for the theme song alone. Look it up and let me know how right I am.

  • I wish I didn't play Dota at all this year but I did so it's on here.