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My Presidential Cabinet

Which is more likely, me running for president or video game characters being chosen for government office. I'll let you decide. Either way, this would be my choice for my Cabinet.
(Not pictured - Secretaries of Commerce, Labor, and the Interior)

List items

  • Secretary of State - Just give him a speech skill of 100 and he can talk with any foreign body.

  • Secretary of the Treasury - He went all around the world (and the moon) to retrieve his treasure, I would trust him with our economy any day.

  • Secretary of Defense - The best solider I could think of because war has changed.

  • Attorney General - Sure, he wins all of his cases at the last possible second, but I think he would be a great choice for Attorney General.

  • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Ok, this one is cheating a little, but the man behind Sim City would be the perfect choice for the head of housing and urban development.

  • Secretary of Agriculture - The protagonist from Harvest Moon. I can't think of a better farmer.

  • Secretary of Veteran Affairs - While Solid Snake may be the better solider, Soap MacTavish has experienced "modern" warfare, not that crazy-ass future warfare with mechs.

  • Secretary of Homeland Security - I wouldn't want to mess with America with this man in charge of keeping it safe. The only downside is that I think TSA patdowns would be a little more intense.

  • Secretary of Transportation - Maybe he can teach America a little of that F-Zero technology.

  • Secretary of Education - He is a professor after all, and he does have experience working with children.

  • Secretary of Energy - First of all I mean pre-zerg Kerrigan. Secondly, the Secretary of Energy is in charge of nuclear weapons, and as a ghost, Kerrigan has the proper experience.

  • Secretary of Health and Human Services - The protagonist of the Trauma Center games is to medicine as Phoenix Wright is to law, a lot of natural talent and a little bit of magic.