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The ABC's of my gaming

These are the ABC's of how I, as a gamer, came to be.

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  • A is for Ace Attorney, my favorite portable gaming series.

  • B is for boardgames, because I wouldn't be playing video games if I hadn't broken my Battleship set and gotten a Super Nintendo to replace it

  • C is for Call of Duty, as Call of Duty 2 was the first current-gen game I ever played and boy was my mind blown.

  • D is for Dig Dug, the only video game I ever saw my dad play.

  • E is for E. Honda, the sumo wrestler that set me on my path of loving Street Fighter.

  • F is for Fallout 3, the game I have put the most time into.

  • G is for GoldenEye 007, and almost ruining my friendship with Bob Johnson who lived across the street.

  • H is for Half-Life 2, which I played for the first time only this year. I can see why so many people like it.

  • I is for Ikaruga, the game that one day I hope to beat.

  • J is for Jimmy Raynor, and my love of watching people who are really good at StarCraft play StarCraft, and the UMS games I wasted so many hours on.

  • K is for Kirby Super Star. One of the first games that featured completion percents that I played that I managed to get 100% on.

  • L is for Left 4 Dead 2, which I played every night for two straight months.

  • M is for Minecraft. Which I need to get back to. My scale recreation of Bernie from "Weekend at Bernie's" isn't going to build itself.

  • N is for NBA Jam, which DID end my friendship with Bob Johnson.

  • O stands for Ogre Battle 64, which I insisted my parents buy me. Once I got it I had no idea how to play and didn't pick it up again for years.

  • Q is for Quest 64, which I rented four times in a row from Blockbuster to beat.

  • R is for Robotron, my favorite arcade game growing up.

  • S is for Super Mario World, my favorite video game of all time. I still play it to this day.

  • T is for Team Fortress 2, and all those hours spent minigunning fools.

  • U is for Uncharted 2, the only PS3 game I ever played more than 10 minutes of, and my first purchase for when I do buy a PS3.

  • V is for Vanquish, one of the only 3rd person shooters I really enjoyed.

  • W is for World of Warcraft, which I can proudly saw I've never played a minute of. But if you do, I have no problem with it (sorta).

  • X is for the Xbox 360, my first-ever non-Nintendo console.

  • Y is for Yakuza, because I always wanted to play it? Oh who am I kidding, I couldn't think of anything for Y.

  • Z is for Zelda, for constantly being kidnapped so I could rescue you and have one hell of a time doing it.