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Best skull-themed game (without 50 Cent) 8

Raskulls, more than any recent game I can think of, takes a simple mechanic that isn't exactly innovative and manipulates it into a full, fun and varying experience. The game, at it's core, is a puzzle game, but varying modes in the single player campaign and a great sense of humor make this a shining example of a great Xbox Live Arcade game.  I've got 99 problems but a brick ain't one. When you look at Raskulls at the most basic level, you do two things. Move and zap blocks. Blocks group up ...

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How Babysitting Mama changed my life 10

  Pong. Tetris. Super Mario Bros. Star Fox Adventures. When you hear the words “video game,” these are the games that come to mind. Well there is a new game out that will change the way we think about video games. A game that will no doubt enter the history books as one of the greatest games known to man. A game, called Babysitting Mama. Now I came into possession of the game after a friend of mine, a GameStop employee brought this game home to mock. He doesn't understand true art, and at the ...

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Hold on Tight 0

 You can tell that a game is fast paced when activating bullet time merely slows time to a pace other games would deem regular. Such is the case with Vanquish, the third person cover-based shooter from Platinum Games. While it doesn't do a lot to innovate within the genre, the game's fast paced gameplay and intense action provides an entertaining experience. Set in the near future, Vanquish has you taking on the role of DARPA agent Sam Gideon, an ex-football playing, smoking, all around American...

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Channeling Childhood 1

Many gamers are cynical people. They develop notions of a game based on it's style, the team behind it or even the platform it is released on. Such may be the case for those who wish not to play Good Feel's "Kirby's Epic Yarn" for the Nintendo Wii. But if you find yourself able to put any pre-conceived notions about this game behind, you will find yourself transported back to a simpler time in your childhood, when playing games was all about having fun.  The first console platforming Kirby game ...

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