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Games I Love and Why

Why do I love these games so much? Lets take a look at what makes them(and introspectively me) tick.

I tend to want to craft my own experience and play how I want to play. Give me an interesting world to explore and a bunch of tools to play around with and you won't see me for weeks. Also great characters are always appreciated over plot any day. Hell, your game doesn't even need an overarching plot that makes any sense for me to be happy. Just make your game fun to play, lots to explore and a highly customizable character.

List items

  • A giant dragon saves your life and destroys an entire town and then its up to you. Some people found this part of Skyrim daunting, but I found it to be the greatest gaming experience of my life.

    Over 500 hours in and I still regularly take holidays to Skyrim and thanks to steam workshop support, there is always something new to see.

  • Like Skyrim, the souls game throw you into an unknown world with little guidance and yell out, VENTURE FORTH! The result being a sense of discovery and wonder like no other. The vast amount of weapons and builds allows me to return to the dark worlds FROM creates over and over.

    They're not "difficult games", they're just different. FROM must just like the idea of trial by fire.

  • I like making my numbers high. Bravely Default is happy to oblige me by giving me the tools to min max to my hearts content. Yes, it's kinda like being tricked to play a math game, but making a dual katana wielding spell fencer who's specced to crit and target elemental weaknesses, is why I play games.

  • To me first person shooters are kinda dull. Left trigger, right trigger came and went with COD4:MW. Corridor shooters are just too straight forward for me(Pun intended). But then some lunatic comes up with an idea, why not make Diablo an FPS. Holy shit! Gearbox really have burnt out all they can with Borderlands at this point but I'd love to see more devs attempt this style of game.

    After playing half way through Wolfenstien, it made me remember how bored I get in linear FPS games haha.

  • To me characters are far more important than how a story plays out. A completely predictable or an average narrative can be enjoyable with brilliant acting and characters. The RPG and shooter elements to this game were actually pretty average but thanks to the strength of the characters and dialogue this game drew me into its narrative and world like no other.

  • This ones interesting. It's a pure gameplay experience that feels so good. If the feel of a game is spot on, it can trigger some real good feeling pleasure centres of my brain. My lack of interest in cars and racing makes it a short term love affair but a great one regardless.

    The major issue with this style of game is that you just need to play it to understand it. So no matter how many videos or screenshots you see of a game like this, you need a hands on to truly know it's for you or not.

  • I like the freedom to solve a problem my way. I don't want there to be a puzzle with just one solution. This game throws you into it's world and says have fun. If you want to kill every god damn thing on the island with a bow and arrow you can.

  • Hey it's an indie game with pixel art that was funded by a kickstarter, sound familiar? I admit to being sceptical at first glance but getting my hands on this game made me realise, it is a game made for me!

    It's an intense thinking man's game balanced out by an incredible and relaxing soundtrack. Loads of customization and completely different experiences every playthrough makes the game infinitely replayable. Giving you multiple ways to solve each encounter is my favourite kind of game design and this game has it in spades.