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Games of 2015

Games I've played this year and my thoughts on them. [ WORK IN PROGRESS ]

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  • 2015 Remastered version - I never played the GC version but love all the original PS1 games. This may be my favorite Resident Evil game ever. Gets everything right: exploration, atmosphere, difficulty. 10/5

  • Best adventure game since Monkey Island 2 for me personally. I loved the characters and story. The puzzles were fine up until the end of Act 2 when they just became horribly tedious. If it wasn't for those poor puzzles it could have been a GOTY contender for sure. 4/5

  • A strong start but after 45 hours of questing, the combat becomes a bit dull and the activities become repetitive. It has a beautiful world full of interesting characters but it's nowhere near as awesome as Skyrim. Too much looking at the map for very repetitive things to find and do. 4/5

  • The story is fun and well told. Unfortunately I just don't enjoy the open world game Rocksteady makes, I love Asylum but not city, and I'm well past done with the Batman combat system. A+ for story, but C for gameplay. 3/5

  • My first play through I found the game somewhat overwhelming and difficult for all the wrong reasons. But like Demon's Souls back in 2009 once the combat clicked it was a lot more enjoyable. The trick weapons are a cool new addition and the combat is as technical as always with a Souls game. However the Chalice Dungeons are terrible and the faster combat does change the gameplay in some ways for the worse. 3/5

  • Incredible art style. Bland game... And I'm not really a huge fan of how they tell their story. 2/5

  • 2015 Remastered Version - Something about the characters and story don't click with me at all. I normally enjoy Tim Schafer's games, but this is the black sheep for me. 2/5