My Gaming Experience of 2015

I want to keep track of the games I play and how I feel/felt about them.

List items

  • (PC)

    Going to start the list with the games I still continually play. Season 2 just started a few weeks ago and I decided to level a Witch Doctor for my first time. I was actually quite astonished with how much I enjoyed leveling the WD.

    Update - Already into season 3, hopefully get another character to 70 so I can finish the transmog gear. I really enjoy the updates they've made to the game. my main (fem-barb) has gone from soloing T3 to soloing T6 from the updates alone (a few buffs and changes to raekor's bonus). My problem is that I just want to play my fembarb, but I feel obligated to level this other toon so I end up doing that over just having fun.

  • (PC/Mobile)

    I have spent absolutely no money on Hearthstone. I play it very sparingly and haven't felt it necessary to spend any money. Now I have a decent Warrior control deck that I enjoy (just got a card pack with Grom and Mind Control Tech a week ago!).

    Hearthstone is now available on the phones and I play it almost everyday at work. I know that sounds terrible but normally it's just at lunch.

  • (Wii U)

    After all the wonderful reviews and positive things I heard/read about this game, I knew it was just a matter of 'when' I would play it. Finally made the dive and wasn't blown away like I thought I'd be.

    This game is/was a lot of fun. The story is nonsense, the combat is incredibly fluid, the colors are EVERYWHERE, and it doesn't ask much of your time or patience. I also find it impressive how the combat of this game is friendly for people not accustomed to this style of game while having all the depth, difficulty, and combo system that a hardcore fan would so desire.

    My problem with this game is my own damn fault. For some reason I got it in my head that this game was going to be "Asura's Wrath" Over the top. This game is ridiculous, dont get me wrong, but pales in comparison to Asura's Wrath's absurdity.

    Just want to add that I did beat the story.

  • (Wii U)

    All the wonderful GBA games on the E-shop kept taunting me. I caved in and bought one of my favorite Castlevania games. Definitely worth the money.

  • (Vita)

    I've been making jokes for awhile now that after I moved out on my own I was going to buy/play all the cute-girl-anime games. This game was on sale for $14 on the PS Store and figured I'd stick to my joke (granted I had seen that it's had many positive reviews and honestly started believe that I may enjoy it). Well at first I thought I may have just thrown money away but now I'm a little over 10+ hours in and finding myself enjoying just how JRPG this game is (grew up on JRPGs). As easy as it is to make fun of the game for having the most cliche big eye, young, cute anime girls, I can't help but feel that it's an improvement over many JRPG's I've played that have had the most boring, and/or mute male protagonists. To go along with that, the translation and voice acting is very impressive. None of the girls have horrible loud and/or screeching voices (only 10+ hours in, I know there's more voices to come) that use to embarrass me so often in JRPG's I played when I was younger.

  • (Vita)

    Suikoden 2 finally became available on the PS Store and I bought it that first day (beat it and loved it when I was younger). Kotaku, and more specifically Jason Schreier, convinced me that I should play the first Suikoden before jumping back into 2. It's not a bad game and holds up surprisingly well for its age but I still wish I had just skipped it.

  • (PC)

    I've been playing this with the HD textures. So much more enjoyable when everything isn't a muddy mess.

  • (PC)

    I bought a GTX970 last month. I've been tweaking with OC'ing and been using my better looking games to see what my money went to. Reminded me that I actually was enjoying this game and should probably just try and beat it already.

    UPDATE - Beat it. Not the Tomb Raider I grew up with but can't deny that I enjoyed it.

  • (3DS)

    So I took the dive and I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

    Update - So I have been playing the game here and there but never for too long. I look at my time played which shows over 30 hours and just feel blown away. My time in the game certainly shows that I got my moneys worth but as far as progression goes, I feel like I have another 60+ hours of solo content. I also love the fact that I can pick it up, do a mission, and feel satisfied.

    Just did a mission yesterday to turn in two Wyvern eggs with a sub-quest to damage Rathian's tail. So much fun taking the time to break off his tail, finish him off, get me some loot and satisfaction, then proceed to the main objective of the mission I was on. Man, I really dig this game!

  • (PC)

    I guess you could say I'm playing this. The game plan was to read all the books, beat this game, and replay Witcher 2 before Witcher 3 came out. Yeah, hopefully I'll finish the books at least. I have started this game and pretty much hate the menu and controls.

    Update: I have put some effort into the game looking a little better and playing a little better but they are just not helping enough. The combat, running back and forth, and known length of the game are just too much for me to put up with at this time (to go along with the fact I'd rather be finishing the books and replaying W2 before W3).

    Update - Couldn't take it, stopped playing, focused on reading the books and playing Witcher 2.

  • (PC)

    Two missions in and I can see me really enjoying the battles in this game. The ummmm... character interaction though, well at least I'm use to JRPG's!

  • (PC)

    Going to beat this before LotV!

    Update - Beat it!

  • (3DS)

    I have once again restarted this game for the 4th or 5th time (I'm not joking). I really do enjoy playing this game but when given the option to either play the new story mode or stick with the classes I came accustomed to in Etrian Odyssey IV, It's been tough to choose. I have once again decided to just go with the story mode. I think I'm sticking with this choice, hopefully.

  • (PC)

    Wanted to replay this game before Witcher 3 came out (along with read the books). Mission accomplished replaying W2. Had a much better understanding of what was going on since I was already familiar with a few of the characters from the books. They certainly throw as many names as possible at you in this game!

    Update - After playing Shadow of Mordor, the combat in W2 becomes more and more intolerable later in the game. Doesn't help that I decided to go down the Alchemy tree which sounded fun at first. I never really took advantage of the potions and such my first time playing this game given that there were so many that weren't beneficial unless you had the alchemy skills that reduced the debuffs. Well it doesn't really help to have that skill when you get thrown into battles with multiple enemies and you never had time to drink your potions. Happens frequently later in the game. Luckily I was playing on the PC and just downloaded a god-mode mod. I wasn't replaying for gameplay anyways, I just wanted to remind myself what happened in the story. CD Project Red has already stated that in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt you can drink potions now while in combat.

  • (GBA)

    I recently bought a used GBA SP (AGS-101, mind you), and put it into a beautiful new orange shell. Thing is that I've kind of missed having a GBA and all the GBA games I grew up on. Anyways...

    Warioland 4! I remember this game being playable at K-Mart! Wario Land 4 is a whole lot of fun and has many unique mechanics for a game that you may think is just a Mario knock-off. It's great when you purposefully have to be stung or hit by an enemy to gain a "power" break through a wall/floor/ceiling.

  • (PC)

    Easily my favorite looking and playing 4X game. Endless Legend has an art style like no other 4X game that needs to be seen.

    Update - Still working on my first* playthrough of this game. Logged in a few more hours today and was enjoying the shit out of it. Finally found a 4X game that just seems to make sense to me.

  • (PC)

    Took advantage of this game being on sale for $5. My first Space 4X game. Still need some more time with it to figure it out but I have enjoyed what I've played, granted it just looks like a bunch of lines in space.

  • (PC)

    I've owned this game for awhile now without ever have playing it. I had a fear of it. Everything I remember hearing about this game was that it's really fun but very stressful trying to manage everything going on during a fight. Well I finally decided to boot it up and regretted waiting so long to do so.

    FTL certainly isn't easy but the pause feature really helps you take in everything that's going on so that you don't accidentally leave a door open and suffocate your team. My first time booting it up and I ended up playing it for 3 hours straight.

  • (PS3)

    Bought this during Holiday sales last year knowing that I probably wouldn't play it for awhile. Tales of Xillia was one of my favorite games that I played last year (and one of my favorite JRPGs in recent memory) and even with Xillia 2 not getting the best reviews, I was excited to jump back into the Xillia universe.

    I haven't put too much time in the game so far but I am happy to see the combat is pretty much the same. Looking forward to running into Milla.

  • (GBA)

    Never played FF6 more than the first hour or so. Now I have it for my GBA, and hopefully make my way through it.

    Last thing I remember doing in the game is killing the blob monster in the river where I've been floating downstream on a raft.

  • (Vita)

    This game has been on my radar for awhile now but I just hadn't taken the plunge and bought it....UNTIL NOW! I'm about two hours in so far and not blown away by anything (so far). I'm sticking with it though because I've only heard great things about this game, so I figure it's only a matter of time before it sucks me in.

  • I bought this game last year and played a good amount, but had put it down for a few months. Jumped back into it recently and reminded myself how great this game is. Disgaea is a great series for the simple fact that it isn't trying to be like any other game (except like the last Disgaea game). Everything about this game is absurd. (Vita)

    From jumping into items to level them up (even candy), having monsters turn into weapons that human characters can equip, creating a tower (4-5 people stacked on top of each other) and using the special tower ability: jump rope, oh and going to the senate to pass bills (create new characters, more expensive items, etc.), and bribing them or making them drunk, or just fighting them!

  • (Vita)

    Fuck this game. It's hard. I'm terrible at it. It was on sale though. It looks great, runs great, and you die a lot.

  • (PC)

    I like it.

  • One of a few games I picked up during the Summer Sale. I have been wanting to play this for awhile now and happy that I finally got around to it. Plays great, looks great, great.

  • Finally started this up. I somehow have dodged all spoilers for the last...many years. Want to get this played before The Phantom Pain.

  • This game looks amazing on my 1440p 144hz monitor.

  • My favorite game of the year.

  • Many things I like about this game. Puzzles started to make my brain hurt.

  • What a thrill....

  • IT'S ETRIAN ODYSSEY! Get rid of the stupid Persona fan service and this is one of my favorite 3DS games.

  • the 60fps patch makes this game beautiful.

  • Maybe I can muster up the courage to get back to this game. Only game on this list I stopped playing because it scared the crap out of me.

  • I love this game and super disappointed with this game.

  • So beautiful, and so so mean.

  • This is just straight up crazy button-mashing fun.

  • killing an enemy with a super long ricochet shot is incredible.

  • Beautiful