Top Ten 2019

Let's not pretend like I stopped playing World of Warcraft in 2019. I still play that more than all the other games combined. WoW didn't have an expansion this year though so I'm only mentioning it here.

The big thing I remember about video games this year is thinking that February was going to be awesome with Metro Exodus (finally playing it in December), and Anthem (big oof) coming out, I was finally going to get another handheld Castlevania (Bloodstained on the Switch, let's not talk about it) and also that there were too many $60 games that I wanted to play. Well I ended up not playing/buying most of those games! I did buy Metro Exodus, Devil May Cry 5, Control, and Resident Evil 2 Remake on the holiday sale, but I've only touched Metro of those four. Regardless, here's my "Top Ten" list!

List items

  • This game came out early this year but I'm just finally getting around to playing it for reasons I don't want to get into. I was a fan of the previous two Metro games and so far I'm loving this one as well.

  • I had no intention of buying Division 2 but Ubisoft did an open beta and I decided to try it out and I came away surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Now mind you I've barely scratched the surface of what this game has to offer but I've enjoyed what I played, the game is beautiful to all hell (at least on my PC), it's an online-based game that launched and wasn't a dumpster fire (this came out like two weeks after Anthem), and I have incentive to hit the max level because it sounds so god damn MMO with you choosing a class and such.

  • Let me tell you about this 19 year old game. So FFIX just released on the Switch this year, which means I was able to take it to work and actually beat this game. I know it doesn't sound right that I will beat a game if I can take it to work but that's just how things work for me. The Switch version also comes with the Cheats and/or "I'm just here for the story" additions which were in previous versions of this re-release that make this game a whole hell of a lot less tedious. I'm not ashamed to say that I basically autopiloted the combat in this game, sometimes just completely turning it off because fuck random battle encounters, because I just wanted to finally say that I "beat" this game. Hey guys, I beat FFIX in 2019!

  • Another year, another Picross game that isn't Picross 3D: Round 3. While I'm disappointed about that, Jupiter deserves respect that each new Picross S isn't just more puzzles but they also add a new mode (S added Mega Picross, S2 added Clip Picross). New to S3 is color picross which I enjoyed more than normal and clip. But still, PLEASE make a Picross 3D: Round 3!

  • Image & Form's niche is making SteamWorld games but all of them are completely different games in gameplay and characters. SteamWorld Quest is their first RPG along with the card based combat. Card based games were so hot in 2019 but honestly SteamWorld Quest didn't play like all the others. It would require too much effort explaining it all that I'm not going to try and do but I will say that by the end of the game there is so much variety in deck building that I felt incentivized to replay the game since there is a NG+ mode where you can carry over all the cards you unlocked and upgraded.

    SteamWorld Dig 2 is still one of the best Switch games and you should buy it.

  • I started doing a Fight Night with friends last year because fighting games are more enjoyed when you're beating up your friends. Samurai Shodown quickly became one of our favorites. It's easy to pick up and play but doesn't cater to a casual player.

  • This spot is where Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night should be but let me tell you about a Metroidvania that actually runs/looks good on the Switch.

    Monster Boy is a wolf in sheeps clothing. It has a very bright and cheerful art style that would lead you to believe this game is for children but the platforming puzzles and bosses are so much fun. You acquire different monster forms throughout the game, each having a specific action for platforming, and never do you stop using all of your forms. It leads to some awesome gauntlet style puzzles akin to Ori and the Blind Forest.

    I guess I should add something comparing it to Hollow Knight since so many people enjoyed that game. It's like the antithesis of Hollow Knight. It's bright and cheerful, the bosses aren't that hard but fun, and the platforming is the star of the show. Also I enjoy it.

  • I'm not here to talk about best girls and face petting... sorry wrong Fire Emblem, tea time. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the best FE because of the QoL improvements made to the combat.

    If you've been a fan of the series for awhile now you are more than familiar with having to restart a map because you moved a character to a spot where you thought they'd be okay only to have them murdered. Three Houses fixes that problem two-fold. For one they brought a mechanic introduced in FE:Echoes to where you can turn back time. You can only do it so many times on a map but you can revert back all the way to Turn 1 if you so wish. Along with this they added the best thing ever to a Fire Emblem game; You can now view what enemies you will aggro before you move a character! Now when you're about to move your healer to a safe spot, you can see if they will actually be safe that turn or if the Wyvern-rider is going to bee-line straight for them to murder them.

    There was one map where I saw I was going to aggro some enemies that were on another side of a wall that the whole point of the map is to make your way to them. This seemed a little broken but given that I could turn back time if need be I let it play out. It led to pulling basically the entire map. In a previous game this would have been annoying as hell, in Three Houses not only was I aware of what I was doing but I could also revert without turning the game off and throwing it out the window.

  • A small-scale solar system with very unique locations along with a sun that keeps exploding every 23 minutes. You get a small little spaceship with the simple task of exploration. That simple task will lead you to your first death rather quickly but kind of like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow you'll soon find yourself to be a badass killing machine trying to save the world but mostly Emily Blunt.

    I could tell you about how amazing just about everything in this game is but it's a game you get to experience once, and everyone who has seen this game through to the end would agree that you should just see it for yourself.

    I should probably add that you neither become a killing machine (if you don't include how many times you die), nor do you save Emily Blunt. Edge of Tomorrow is a pretty great movie though.

  • I could ramble on and on about how amazing this game is but I want to refrain from doing that so I'm just going hit some bullet points.

    - Dragon Quest XI is one of the best JRPGs ever

    - DQXI for Switch is a better version of one of the best JRPGs ever

    - I love having JRPGs on the Switch because I can play them anywhere.

    - I'm 50+ hours into this game because I can play it at work.