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More than a cheap fan-boy thrill! 3

I think i can speak for most people when i say most of the people who play games based off anime are looking for a quick anime fix, I include myself in this. So when i sat down to play Naruto the Broken Bond I wasn't expecting much, especially since I struggled to enjoy Rise of a ninja.Now to begin I enjoyed this game a lot, and not just as a fan of Naruto but as a guy who has played some games.To start you are thrown into the story with a quick short tutorial, which for what its worth gives you...

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Best accomplishement of Lucasarts to date 0

Where to begin, well, well Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's revenge is a graphic adventure game by Ron Gilbert, and is the 2nd game in the Monkey Island Franchise and another game to use the SCUMM engine..Once again we take control of the Unfortunate Pirate Guybrush Threepwood, who entertained many the gamer back in the original Monkey Island, and im happy to say also made this true again with this installment and in my opinion did it better.However even though the game does very much revolve around it...

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