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Nintendo will always be years behind.

Nintendo's core games aren't even that hardcore. Unless you consider Zelda and Metroid better than Fable, Gears, Dead space, resistance, and LBP for example. I never truely liked Nintendo, except when I was younger. I always envied the systems I didn't have like Xbox and 360. Now I am through with Nintendo and all their little schemes to get more money.


This was a reply I sent to a loyal Wii fan. I know, I said I'd ne

ver blog again, but this is barely a blog. Well here's my reply to a Wii loyalist that realize Nintendo could do better, and has huge potential to. I hope this isn't a problem to post this, but it's not putting down anybody so here it goes
"I hate to disagree with you there, I really do, because there are not many loyal hardcore gamers like you standing next to Nintendo, like you do. I wish I had the patience for Wii, and maybe your effort of supporting them may pay off, since Madworld and Dead rising seem to be starting a trend with the Wii's gaming profile. I myself own a Wii, Playstation 3, and lastly an Xbox 360. I am by no means a fanboy (since I have experienced hours of gameplay from each system) , and my personal preference is fast paced, story driven gameplay, hince my gamertag, ADDG4m3r. I have always enjoyed Nintendo, and their strides to unite an entire gaming community. And they have, But I believe in the wrong way. The way I saw it, as Nintendo ushered in a new era to gameplay with the Revolution, I thought they would enhance the prospect of what it meant to be a gamer. Being a gamer means, you are open minded, you are a thinker and you enjoy yourself. Nintendo's Wii does that, but it does not deliver the type of effort the type of games I have in mind. The ideal games for me are Bioshock, Call of duty 4, Grand theft auto IV, Braid, Mass effect, and Dead rising. And only one of the titles I listed are coming to Wii in the soon future. The Wii caters to the younger crowd, who like simpler games. I believe a game should be immersive, like a film. The DS, you stated is a dream for hardcore gamers, I think of it differently, I believe the DS is too little too late. There are an abbundance of great games, but none last more than 2 months of replayablity. I also own a PSP, and it is by far worse than DS. So in my opinion, no portable gaming system has ever been as good as it could have made itself to be. Nintendo is past my age level, I am on to experience bigger and better things, Like Fallout 3, Gears of war 2, Dead space, and Fable 2. But I humbly respect your patience for Nintendo's success in third party software.


(Insert steriotypical blogger moaping here*)

I am an individual. I speak about my struggles and hardships in my life with these blogs that express how much of a close minded, but also stubborn way of life I have. These blogs are great for people like me, who have so much time for dedicating my life in front of the computer, revamping boring day occurences in Windows notepad, or when I get artsy (which is Totally so much) I will take it a step futher and use Microsoft Office while typing it all on my Laptop in a (totally not ) corporate Starbucks. But since I am a blogger, I am too stupid to notice the software and Laptop that the very blog I am typing my day occurences on, is even more corporate than Starbucks, which is why I am so well liked in the community of everything. Dedication. (Insert brag). (Insert witty remark in politics). (Insert how much I am individualized from society, but yet so conformed into it because of the so popular and over saturated  bloggersphere.) Yeah, I am not a blogger, never will be. But a paradox exists right now, because I said I will never blog in a blog! Super panda EXPLOSION!11!!!