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  • Smartest puzzles, best music, best use of my time.

  • I dressed like a flamingo, I pushed a man into his daughters pro type formula car, they both died, I climbed to the roof, I flew away.

  • My crew ran a lot of missions. We died a lot. We save scummed. We succeeded.

  • The axe came back. #4

  • When critics like movies about film making, because they inherently love cinema, and that’s why they are critics, it makes sense. This game is that same convoluted situation. It’s so much video game refinement, that if you’ve played thousands of titles before it that try similar things, you have to like it, because its better than all of those other games.

  • This game looks and feels like it took a lot of people’s lives away from the. I thank you for your service.

  • Pinball bug was great.

  • My new destiny/overwatch/pubg/whyamistillplayingthis

  • They don’t make sim city games any more because they were too happy and relaxing.

  • Final fantasy tactics was always pretty lame and required a lot of immangination for me to think it was cool at all. I played it on a cruise on a game boy sp for 5 days, and I fell asleep twice. This game is cool.