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My favorite game stories this gen.

Pretty simple list. 
Odds are I forgot something but oh well.  Also Heavy Rain and Alan Wake were horribly written so I'm giving you the Mutumbo finger wag in advance.

List items

  • If you can't figure out how to turn a cell phone off, or think tanks and rocket launchers are better than story, not the game for you. The last 10% of the story...just damn man.

  • Wrex....dude WREX! Also the explanation of the ending/bad guy is surprisingly coherent in a land of bullshit sci fi contrivances. Sorry David Cage a McGuffin isn't a legitimate story element.

  • I smiled like a little school girl after snorting a bag of pixie sticks when Wrex came running towards me. The liara/leadership on Omega threads were awesome, the overall plot was a little weaker than the first but the characters were infinitely more developed.

  • Just play the game, it's too hard to explain otherwise.

  • Unoriginal but executed amazingly well. The voice acting/facial animations were super super impressive. The ending hit me harder than almost any game this gen.

  • Drake at his awesome Drakiest, again would be much higher if they didn't take a giant supernatural dump over their game with the magical yeti costumes/magic blue people/stupid boss fight.

  • Much like gta4 obviously but turned up the obnoxious crazyness too high and turned the realistic dark shit too low.

  • The further I get from this game the less I remember it fondly, but the first time through I was sucked in utterly and completely even though I'm not fond of the traditional isometric/baldur's gate style game.

  • The whole mocap acting made everything believable, would be much higher if they didn't shit all over their game with the nazi zombie damn nonsense.

  • Yeah it's a JRPG yeah it's mostly unoriginal, yeah I can't defend the story at all but whatever fuck it I enjoyed the story alot. Bonus, the dog has a pipe so fuck you.

  • Ok the story is nonsense, and I hated the gameplay, but I watched all the cutscenes in a row one insomnia filled youtube night. Sure I found it mostly hilariously bad but I watched all of it and that has to count for something right?