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  • bhlaab wrote a review of Hedon.
    A MooD Piece

    Hedon is a lot like the original Unreal. It's halfway towards being an immersive sim, but lacks the 'sim' parts and any RPG elements. What it comes down to is wandering around semi-large but bespoke ...

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    Ignoring 16 bit is a mistake. Spiderman's batting average is MUCH lower if you include the snes, genesis, and sega cd

  • bhlaab wrote a review of Amid Evil.
    Starts Strong, Ends Weak

    Amid Evil is a game I started out loving, but ended up just liking. The first three episodes were absolutely fantastic. After that, I feel like there's a rise in visual quality met with a descent in g...

  • bhlaab wrote a review of FINAL FANTASY XV WINDOWS EDITION.
    Best When Mundane

    "Hey Noct, check this out," Gladiolus says. An icon appears in the game world. I slowly walk over and inspect it. It's a poster advertising a fake, in-universe brand of root beer. "I could go for one ...

  • bhlaab wrote a review of Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico.
    Stupid Game You Might Find Yourself Enjoying

    Total Overdose starts with a tutorial mission in which you play as an old DEA agent, blasting up drug runners who operate from an Aztec ziggurat. At the end of the tutorial he is killed off by another...

  • bhlaab wrote a review of Whiplash.
    Swing and a Miss

    Whiplash isn't a bad game, it just seems that way a lot of the time when you're playing it. I like the premise-- you're a weasel and rabbit who are chained together trying to escape an evil corporate...

  • bhlaab wrote a review of Arx Fatalis.
    Love It And Hate It

    I loved Arx Fatalis. It's a broken piece of shit that can go to hell and stay there.Its setting is cool. The environments are really atmospheric and it all feels like a coherent place. For some reaso...