Games I Played 2014

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  • January. The monster sections were a pain in the ass. Design clashes with intent.

  • January. You can't hide in the bushes. It doesn't work. THAT'S STUPID. So is the plot, which is oddly prevalent. Other than that it's Crysis 2 but not as interesting. Not as interesting as Crysis 2. Not as interesting. As Crysis.... two.

  • January. Current. Dumbed down a bit but it's got the same heart.

  • January-February (by one day!) Speaking of having heart, this has none. It has no organs. It's like you see a dead person and you do an autopsy and its just straw and then you're like "doh that was a scarecrow not a person!" This game is a scarecrow

  • February. DNF. It's not as braindead as Arcania, which I finished purely out of spite, and it goes the distance with wacky systems. It's just that the act of moving around and slicing critters and/or dudes is fundamentally busted feeling so it's not worth sticking around yeah?

    The first game remains a palatable idiot ride, though. I stand by that.

  • February. Never played it on nightmare before, so I did. I always thought nightmare in this would be as stupid as Doom's nightmare but it's not. The game rises to the occasion

  • February. The DLC! Roughly a year after I finished the main game! City Trials was a stupid cash-grab, but the true expansions were lovely.

  • Feb-March. DNF. Love the old ones, dont like this one.

  • March. I liked 3 better because it was more 'madcap' while this one draws most of its comedy from playing silly stuff straight. Didn't feel like a DLC that had been made big, either! The radio was disappointing, I didn't really like ANY of the songs. I wish I couldve imported the blood dragon soundtrack.

  • March. I played this listening to podcasts and stuff. 100%ed it so UI guess i'll post it on here

  • March. Middling spectacle and a cruddy plot surround empty calories gameplay.

  • March-April. A good time with some camera and controls complaints. A good character action game for people who hate/are terrible at character action games. Like me.

  • May. It's alright. It's got parts that are not alright.

  • April-May. The environments and level design and number/quality of the boss fights are disappointing. Lots of levels feel like hallways full of dudes instead of interesting places to explore. The combat is still fun, however, despite some tweaks that make it less fun than in the original. Solid game despite everything I just said making it sound unsolid.

  • June. I couldn't get enough souls! Replaying this game immediately after DSII really puts that game in a pretty poor light.

  • June. The time powers are so cool, I wish they let you use them more often and for longer. A lot of poor level/encounter design choices and general mechanics decisions hamper your ability to get as creative with the mechanics as you would certainly be able to otherwise.

  • June. Not that great.

  • June. Not that bad!

  • July. I wanted to like it but man is it a lot of wandering around a desert. Who am I, Martian Moses?? (I'm not). DNF.

  • July. I don't care for Diablo, and I don't care for having to manually navigate little dudes with my mouse so I can actually pick up the thing I'm clicking on. I didn't care for Nox. DNF.

  • July. Let me roll a mage with points in light armor which I played for 2 hours before popping up a window saying mages can't cast spells with more than 3 lbs of armor. Thanks, pricks. DNF.

  • July-August. The premise and faction stuff drew me in, but the combat and exploration is so shit I just could not play for very long. DNF.

  • August-November. All I've been playing since august is doom wads.

  • December. I have a modern gaming PC again so naturally I needed to play a game from 1998

  • December. Good

  • December. good great