Sailor Scouts in Order of Prettiness


List items

  • She has fire-based powers which is a metaphor for the fire inside of her spirit. Some might consider her too tsundere, and I cannot disagree. But pray tell me, are the best runway models in the world not incredibly tsundere? Case closed. Her ink-black hair is very striking.

  • I forget what her powers are, but she pulls off the blonde thing and I seem to remember her having a very bubbly personality. Plus I think she was a celebrity or something, which like it or not adds to that "wow" factor.

  • I couldn't find the cat in the database (someone please look into this) but let me just say yes Luna is a cat but she is a human as well sort of and she has a very "older, wiser" vibe to her that I can get behind. "MILF" much??? She can do backflips and make magic wands just appear.

  • I don't like the short hair. Plus her hair is seawater-colored. Like even if you're going to dye your hair it's going to be either bright blue or bright green, right? I guess some people think her nerd-chic is cute but all that means is she probably quotes reddit memes at the dinner table which sounds like agony! She shoots bubbles and that is stupid.

  • Her hairstyle is really dumb. It's like two rat-tails. The hell with that. Plus she's got a really bratty personality. She is destined to become a queen one day but big deal you rule over a bunch of crystals. Get over yourself.

  • I don't mind the whole tomboy act and athleticism shows a personal drive, but for some reason I've always just assumed she smells like deodorant all the time. The cheap chalky arm & hammer kind, too.