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Not Fun to Play, And Not as Smart As It Seems to Think 1

Wolfenstein: The New Order has the pretense of deep storytelling and rich characters, but it's a game where you go to a Nazi moon base. It's a game where a concentration camp is the setting for Summer thrill-ride action. It's a game where the hero has a jaw the width of his shoulders and the villain is a scientist who makes robots out of stolen brains. It's a game that has nothing to say about Nazis, oppression, occupation, resistance, the 1960s, sex, or anything it opens its mouth about. It's a...

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Despite Some Smarter Design Choices, A Definite Step Back From the Classic Original 0

This game took me a long time to beat, but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I was avoiding it. I just didn't enjoy Ultima Underworld 2 all that much. That's not to say I hated it, either. I liked the first Underworld a lot, and they made some smart changes here. The trainer system for character progression is much better than having to memorize every ankh statue password, and this game has that Fallout/Deus Ex style of multi-solution puzzles. But there are some issues.First off...

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Deserving of an 'Attaboy' But Little Else 0

This game is incredibly okay. It does some very clever things with its time powers, specifically with how they can integrate with combat. The puzzles I could leave or leave.There's some cool stuff in Timeshift, even though I didn't enjoy playing it very much. The game's weapons aren't fun to shoot and the movement is clunky. In a lot of ways it's a lame Half Life 2 ripoff with a looser grasp of the fundamentals that make such games work. Often it fails to tell you what to do, and I sometimes fo...

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Satisfyingly Classic FPS Action, Stymied Somewhat by Failed Attempts to Be Modern 0

Singularity is a pretty basic "Half Life 2 With a Gimmick" game, but done better than most. The end result is a bunch of cheap setpieces haphazardly tied together by a throwaway the plot about evil scientist nonsense (but they have audio logs as if there are layers to peel back). The time manipulation gimmick is roughly comparable in depth-- or lack thereof-- to Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth. Point at a thing, press the magic button, and that's it. There are upgrade mechanics, but it's very poi...

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Nothing 0

If you think about it, Gothic sort of invented the modern action RPG. One could argue that Ultima IX came first, but whatever. It doesn't matter. My point is that Gothic 1 was a big deal despite its lack of popularity outside of Germany and it's a very early example of a type of game that has come to define RPGs. Yet here we are some 10 years later and now Gothic 4: ArCanIa is the worst one. It's the worst one. It's worse than Oblivion, it's worse than Kingdoms of Amalur, it's worse than Two Wor...

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Undercooked and With Misplaced Priorities 0

In Crysis 3, there's grass and bushes everywhere, but you can't hide in them. It doesn't work; enemies see through the vegetation. That's how stupid Crysis 3 is.Your enjoyment of Crysis 3 will hinge on whether you care about the Crysis series's characters and transhumanist philosophizing. That's how stupid Crysis 3 is.The game spends a lot of its energy on the plot and on drama. Remember that part in Crysis Warhead where Psycho finds some random soldier dead and then sits on a rock and weeps int...

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A Gorgeous Visual Adaptation of a Book; A RelativelyPoor Game 0

First things first, this game is gorgeous. The overworld, which was frozen in the first game but is now symbolically thawing, looks more or less like STALKER taken to its aesthetic conclusion. At times the game, as it is being played, looks like the visual target concept art of other games. The underground areas manage to not be as monotonous as a game taking place wholly inside of metro tunnels should-- there are clever details all over the place to distinguish one area from the next and keep t...

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A Somewhat Overwrought Shooter 0

I played this for the first time about 10 years ago and absolutely hated it. Recently I decided to give it another shot. It's not as bad as I remembered it being, but considering I remembered it being worse than gout that's not saying much. Back then I mostly suffered because I refused to read the notes on the universal translator, which give hints on how to solve the "puzzles" roughly 3% of the time. The other 97% of the time they just say, "I saw a monster, it was really tough so I hid. I hope...

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Not Quite the Hidden Gem That Was Promised 0

I'd always wanted to play this because of its reputation as a hidden gem of the 2.5D FPS era. It turns out it's pretty mediocre. It also only has 9 levels! Doom gave you that for FREE. There are side missions probably from an expansion pack, but there's only 5 of them and the game's not good enough to leave me 'hungry for more'.All of the enemies are hitscan and enemy types are almost indiscernible from one another. There are a lot of stupid switch puzzles, and the weapons aren't anything specia...

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The Little Frustrations Aren't Mitigated or Justified By the Whole 0

The idea of Bionic Commando is that you swing around and have fun, but this game realizes what you really wanna do is crappy combat that is wholly reliant on an auto-lockon system that seems great at locking onto the thing you don't want. This goes great with the fact that you die really easily. The game uses regen health, except you don't have a whole lot of it and it regens really slowly, and you run away really slowly, and you die super easily. Which works out, actually, because the checkpoin...

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Not as interesting as the Quick Look makes it seem! 0

I saw the Quick Look for this game and got hype for it immediately, but that video sells the idealized version of the game, not the real thing.For the most part this is NOT a sandbox "make your own path" game. In parts it can become that, but it's certainly not representative of the majority of your time spent. In fact, it's quite easy to put the game into an "unwinnable" state, at which point you have to hit the 'Return to Last Checkpoint' button and the game sends you back, usually a little bi...

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