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PC PowerPlay's 100 Classic PC Games (2000)

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In 2000, back when I was still buying paper gaming magazines, the Australian magazine "PC Powerplay" included a little booklet one month, with what they considered to be the "most influential games in history". Or at least, the most influential games that weren't only released on consoles or handhelds.

I thought it was pretty neat and held on to it.

Now, 14 years later (with the magazine still running, mind you), it's still interesting to look back at them and see how many of the choices stand up to scrutiny, and how many new games would really deserve a slot.

The games are presented in reverse order in the booklet, and I'm following that here, so the number one game will be #100, and so on. Before getting to that, the magazine has a few other features worth adding:

"We all remember those frightening, horrific days when CD-ROMs first hit the mass market PC world... when games too execrable to describe filled our senses with dread and made us think that maybe new technology wasn't so cool after all. The memory of those abominations is too painful to recall, but you know. YOU KNOW. They must never be forgotten or we are doomed to repeat the tragedy again and again."

Great Turkeys of PC Gaming

Finally, there's a section on "Developer's Favourites", which is the only part of the magazine that really acknowledges other platforms exist. Most of the developers also added reasons for their choices, which I'm not including here.

Whew! If you haven't given up already, let's get to the actual list. Remember, reverse order! Tetris is not the top game. Games that weren't on PC (by 2000) couldn't get on the list. I didn't personally make the choices. And it's "most influential", not "best".

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