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Why did I think it would be better the second time? 0

After playing some other vaguely similar games, I felt compelled to try FUEL again. I'd forgotten why I abandoned it the first time, but it didn't take long to remember. Here is a short list of pros and cons to remind me if this situation ever happens again. Lists make for very lazy reviews, I know, but this game doesn't deserve more effort.ProsTrainer saved in patch folder. But why are you installing FUEL again anyway?A note I left myself about the game after the last play attemptThe map is ver...

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Ultimately disappointing 0

There's a moment in Back To The Future: The Game where Marty ends up in a totalitarian version of Hill Valley. (Don't worry, I'll get to the right game in a moment.) He manages to get to the mayor's office, where 'Citizen Brown' is in charge, and tries to explain what's gone wrong. Doc Brown is a smart man and, although he doesn't immediately believe it, he quickly understands just how important it is to set everything right again, and it's clear to the player how horrified he is.There's time tr...

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A letdown 0

I was curious what others felt about this game after I finished it, and it seems everyone has fairly similar opinions, falling on one side of a fence or the other, or carefully balancing on the edge. I'm nowhere near the fence.There are two themes in the game - exploration with a touch of puzzle-solving, and platforming. The latter is atrocious. Instant deaths, infuriating checkpoints (and no quicksave or any kind of manual save), an annoying 'breathing' system, weird friction I never felt like ...

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Nothing special 0

I just put 1700 points or so into the wiki for this, so it seems only reasonable to add a review and get all subjective about it, right?Frankly, while I like flight sims, and sims in general, this is the first arcadey flight combat game I've played recently (no Ace Combat, no HAWX, no... whatever the other options are). But it was cheap and the screenshots looked okay and I like flying games, so how bad could it be?Result: not that bad. But not amazing. The singleplayer isn't terrible long, and...

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Almost great? 0

Having just finished it, and being forced to pick a rating... four seems too generous, but it deserves more than three and I'd rather round up. I'm inclined to give it the half a star just for finally being released on PC (the port is serviceable, as well - not an upgrade over the now three-year-old console version, but performance is okay and it didn't crash).I played with a 360 controller, and managed well enough for someone who hasn't played that many "block and dodge and special move and etc...

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Don't bother 0

I'm not really into twitch shooters, or arcade-lightgun-style games, so even if this was well-made I don't think I'd enjoy it all that much.That doesn't matter, since the game is terrible. AI is awful, level design is awful, weapon feel is awful, controls are... pretty bad, graphics are awful. There's no checkpointing, but that wasn't an issue because before I got through the first level I just used the cheats that are listed directly on the control help screen. I guess the developers left them...

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Not worth your time now, if it ever was 0

There aren't really all that many games about world "simulation", and few of those are modern-day, so standards for this kind of thing aren't terribly high. But unless the computer you're reading this review on is also from the 90s and you can't play anything newer, this one ultimately isn't worth your time.From a purely technological standpoint, the game hasn't aged well. It's stuck at 800x600 and only works full-screen, and the game interface is fairly slow and cumbersome to use. The 'learning...

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A near-constant rollercoaster ride of action, misery and instantly-regretted decisions 0

Honestly, I haven't played a lot of adventure games. The only one I recall in recent time was another Telltale game (the similarly episodic but otherwise incomparable Back to the Future game). But I suspect even if I had been keeping up and had a proper benchmark for comparison I'd still be rating this five stars.The less said and spoilt about the actual plot, the better. But I think the biggest (and possibly most misguided) compliment I can give it is this: I have no interest in playing it agai...

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