Matt's Top 10 Games of 2016

Two days before the end of 2016 I've finally finished my annual list of my favourite ten games of the last twelve months. It's been a good one! Well, it's actually been a terrible one, but the games have been pretty ok!

As ever, there are a hundred 'honourable mentions' that I wish I could've squeezed in but got knocked out at the last minute. Some worth shouting about include the year's greatest fighting games Pokkén Tournament and The King of Fighters XIV. Dark Souls 3 is another incredible Dark Souls game that was easily my number 11 game. I adored playing through Firewatch earlier in the year and, while I still stand by the fact that it's really a pale imitation of what made the first game incredible, I actually ended up quite liking Titanfall 2. Some of the other big hitters like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare surprised me this year with really solid entries. And, my forever love, Monster Hunter Generations finally got a UK release and is as brilliant as ever. But on with the Top 10!

As ever, no ports, remakes, re-releases, re-masters etc. Only games getting their debut in 2016. So no Rise of the Tomb Raider (see last year's list for that!), no Gravity Rush, no Resident Evil 4, no Bioshock, no Gone Home (my favourite game of 2013!), no Skyrim (my favourite game of 2011!) ETC ETC ETC.

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