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It's not Space Jam, but it still has basically Jordan-esque Half Court Space 0

For a game that dips its toes into a handful of genres, some of which I would never have considered my cup of tea, I walked away from this game joyfully surprised. Between the amazing soundtrack, tantalizing art design, and a core gameplay mechanic that I ended up really digging (I mean, who can resist celestial orb b-ball!?), I was able to not only tolerate but at times enjoy the text-heavy parts of the game.Super Giant Games do a lovely job crafting characters that are both visually and narrat...

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Divinity Original Sin (PC) 0

In a gaming world full of hand-holding, uninspired battle systems, and just sheer crap, Divinity is a shining diamond in the rough."The art direction is spot on, the colors brightly bring the world to life, and the character designs are great too."Loot-based, dungeon-crawling RPGs are never known for their graphics so I'm judging this on a level equivalent to similar games like Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3. I'm going to put this simply - Divinity is fucking gorgeous. The art direction is spot on, t...

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Shovel Knight (PC) 0

Shovel Knight by Yacht Games is an 8-bit classic from the late eighties at surface-level, but if you play long enough, you'll find a core filled with modern gameplay mechanics that make it stand out as a true classic.One doesn’t have to adventure far into the world to discover where its influences come from, yet all the elements incorporated in this game have been altered or evolved just enough to consider them unique."’re most likely assuming his companion is some helpless ma...

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Mortal Kombat (PS4) 0

The first video game I ever played was Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis. That game released in 1992…I was born in 1990.Sure I may have been a wee bit young for a game of that nature, but just look at me now. I’m 25, struggle to maintain a healthy balance between work, drinking, gaming, and boyfriending, but God dammit I’m good at Mortal Kombat.Or so I thought."D’Vorah for instance sports some of the best character design I’ve ever seen in a fighting game."Mortal Kom...

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The Witcher 3 (PC) 0

"Developers at CD Projekt Red have created what very well may be the most realized world I’ve ever experienced in a video game."Ladies and gentleman, after 85 hours of monster-slaying, gwent-dealing, sword-clashing fun, I’ve decided it’s time to write what may very well be the most bittersweet review I’ve ever written. On the one hand, I couldn’t be more excited to write a review on what very well may be my favorite game of all time. On the other hand however, words...

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“I know Kung Fu.”"And these machines and computer systems fit in nicely with the overarching atmosphere and premise of empowered AI and the decline of humanity."You won’t hear cheesy lines for unintentional comedic relief, however SOMA, by Frictional Games, manages to draw on themes from the Matrix and make them their own. The existence of an alternate, artificial reality is a theme they both hammer home, yet SOMA does it so well that you won’t ever feel like it’s j...

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