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Got quoted in a necro reply from a first-time user reviving a 4-year-old thread. I can die happy now.

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In 2010, it's... passable. 0

I think Peter Jackson makes some pretty good films. I was interested in the fact that he, as someone who liked video games himself, promised to make his King Kong tie-in video game better than the heap of poorly designed games that we were used to seeing. I was also intrigued by Michel Ancel working with the Ubisoft studios to help develop the game. I had never played Beyond Good and Evil, but I knew that something worth playing was there. Ultimately, I chose to forego the game until I saw...

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Cliched experience set apart by its execution 0

Grandia II was one of the biggest JRPGs on the Dreamcast (along with Skies of Arcadia). What it lacked was innovation; it made no new waves in a genre notorious for stagnation. What made the experience still satisfying was how the fairly standard pieces came together. The gameplay was simple but satisfying, the combat was challenging but not tedious, and the storyline had no big surprises but conveyed its message well. Graphically, the game is decent considering its age and hardware; the game st...

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