Historically Significant

These are games that have historical significance... technological advancements, blockbuster sales, mascots born, genre creating or simply masterpieces!

List items

  • Naughts & Crosses, Tic-Tac-Toe, OXO... no matter what you call it, was one of the very first video games ever.

  • Looks fun, always liked Tennis games. :-)

  • Spacewar! (don't forget that exclamation point) was a pivotal moment in gaming history. Too bad you needed a mainframe to play. Didn't have one of those handy, did ya?

  • First coin-operated arcade game, although not mass-produced like Nolan Bushnell's computer space.

  • Nolan Bushnell's first attempt at commercial success. Thankfully he didn't give up.

  • If you don't know Pong, you aren't reading this. Effectively helped to create the coin-op & home console worlds.

  • Created the racing genre... competitive play options, steering wheel, acceleration pedal, etc.

  • First game to use microprocessor... hence the first game that can be emulated in MAME. ;-)

  • Wow! Talk about an early genre starter... dungeon crawl, role-playing, CRPG's, etc.

  • Another early racing innovator... almost first-person, and FAST due to a night view and only reflective dots to compute.

  • A legend in its own right. Oh to be a college kid in the days of this emerging awareness of a huge text-adventure game sitting in secret on the college mainframe!

  • Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak! Plus a successful coin-op...

  • First game to spark a controversy about video game violence! Mortal Kombat owes its gratitude.