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Game of The Year 2014 Users Choice

My List Of Games That I Played In 2014 And Enjoyed But Didn't Necessarily Finish With Some Quickly Scribbled Thoughts!

When I made a short list of the games I played this year, ones that actually game out this year, I had a tough time making a top 10 list. I'm not usually one for buying games brand new, and I have a bad habit of starting games without finishing them. So my gaming backlog is huge. As I slowly worked through it however, I did stumble across some games that actually came out this year.

Note: I know there are many games that came out this year that are reportedly awesome (Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor, Far Cry 4 etc) some of these games I own, but because of work or other life events, I haven't had time to play them. This is a list of games I have had time to play, or have made the time to play because I am weirdly addicted to them.

Another Note: I know some of the games on my list had versions out before 2014 (Like Strike Suit Zero), but the versions I played were the ones released in 2014, usually on consoles.

- Edit - Honourable Mention:

I haven't spent a ton of time with them, and actually forgot to include them on my list of things I'd played this year, but I'd like to mention Fibbage and Drawful. I've only spent one evening playing them with other people so far, and it was fantastic. They're amazing party games, even for people who can't draw, like me. A room full of people playing makes for a very fun evening full of laughter.

List items

  • For all intents and purposes Destiny is my game of the year, largely because it is the game I have spent the most time playing. At the time this is being typed, I have logged more than 200 hours in Destiny across my three characters. Doing what? I'm not entirely sure. Shooting aliens and robots in the face mostly. People have spent months pointing out all the flaws with Destiny, the broken loot system, the tedious upgrade path, the almost aggressive lack of content and variety and so on. I, in fact strongly agree with most of the criticisms. And as someone who has played more than most, I understand them.

    Yet, for some reason, I am addicted to the daily grind of Destiny. It has become my mobile game, the thing I log into everyday to do whatever daily challenge they post, maybe complete a bounty or two, and go about my real life business. Bungie has built a beautiful, intriguing world. I hope in future installments they actually fill that world with stuff.

  • Tomodachi Life is another game I put way more time into this year than most people did. Myself, and my girlfriend spent hours sharing stories about our islanders. Talking about who hooked up with who, which miis hate each other, and constantly being disappointed by our two miis refusing to date each other. I still check in on my island from time to time, making sure my miis are living well. It is a hilarious, silly world that Nintendo clearly had a lot of fun building. And I cannot wait for the day when Jeff Gerstmann finally asks Katy Perry to marry him.

  • Fairly or not, I had high hopes for Supergiant's follow up to Bastion. For whatever reason, I have never found myself attracted to any game that has an isometric perspective, aside from some strategy games. After Bastion however, I couldn't wait to see what the studio could do with that perspective again.

    Transistor is a gorgeous game, with an engrossing and tragic story, and the combat system allows for such an immense variety of options, you can really play the way you want. From Darren Korb's great music, to Jen Zee's lovely art, Transistor is one of the best games I've played in some time.

  • I have never been a big sports game fan, but there are some franchises I will always play. Most Mario sports games make it onto my to-play list when they come out, and this year we got a great one. It had been some time since I got into a Mario Golf, the GameCube one being the most recent one I played a lot, so I was more than ready for another.

    World Tour is a fantastic Mario Golf game, and it was great to finally see Nintendo embrace the internet a little bit, with the online tournaments and challenges. And unlocking better equipment to outfit your mii with is a fun way to keep players coming back.

  • When I got my Xbox One earlier this year, there wasn't much I wanted to play, or hadn't already played on my PS4. Titanfall made that okay for a little while. Even though I fell off of the Titanfall bandwagon fairly quickly, I really did enjoy my time with the game. The combat is fast and sharp, and hopping in the seat of a Titan is fun power trip. Even though it usually doesn't take long for someone to get a lock on your machine and blow you away.

    I will shortly be firing the game up again to check out that new wave-based survival mode. I always loved me some Horde in Gears, so that sounds like something I could really enjoy.

  • Not a lot to say about this one. It's more Mario Kart. Who doesn't want more Mario Kart?

    The game looks great, and it's still a fun formula. I mostly skipped Mario Kart on the Wii, so this game really hit the spot for me.

  • Silly. Charming. Frustrating. I loved it.

    If you have the chance, treat yourself to this game. And if you have someone to play with, try to co-op.

  • When the Director's Cut of this game hit the PS4 I was intrigued. I used to play a lot of Freespace 2 on my old PC. Thoroughly enjoyed this game, hope to see more like it in the future. The return of the space shooter would be welcomed by me.

    Or a new Star Fox, give me a new Star Fox.

  • If you don't know what Jazzpunk is, find out what Jazzpunk is...

    I have fourth degree burns all over my face.

  • You know about it. Everyone knows about it. We've all seen the YouTube montages. It's a ridiculous thing that should be played by all. Especially with a good friend after a couple drinks.

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