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(3:36 PM EST) I'm totally going to Best Buy to get....

An Xbox 360 Elite and Far Cry 2!!!!! Huzzah! At this moment my dad's in the shower and when he gets out, I'll have the adult I need in the car to be able to drive with my permit and we are going to cruise on down to the Best Buy! HUUUUZZZZAAAAHHHHH! Roflolamo, I'm so excited that I could wet myself. In fact, I don't want to do that, I should go off and take a piss! Brb...

lulz im back k? I'm so FUCKING excited. Jeez, I better come down. Ooose fraba, ooose fraba. Much better, kind of. Dudes, I'm mad psyched for this. I may even get to play the game tonight! But first I'll have to go through all my OCD crap to get into my room, then get rid of the friedbox360 and set up the Elite. Then I have to get my mom to help register an XBL account...Hopefully she does that, she doesn't like doing that crap late at night. Which is why I must get ready right after I get home. Ah, unless she is going to the movies. Yes, in case you have not noticed this is a blog where I talk to myself. I'm too excited to do anything else. If you don't like it, sue me!

as;dlkfjasd;fkjsfd;sjf;sjf;lqhweruioa/SDFASDFKAJSDklf! Ugh, tick tock, dad! Get movin'! >.>


Hmmm, I should probably get out of these pajama pants and get dressed. Then, when my dad gets out I will don my Cubs hat and we'll hit the road! I'll update those who (for some unfathomable reason) care about this, with another blog telling you about my latest exploits. Huzzah! See ya!